Why Wouldn't You Want a Digital Business Card?

Yes, why wouldn't everyone want a Digital Business Card to advertise their business with, and keep in touch with their prospects, clients, customers, or TEAM members? After all, you can have one for FREE, and that's hard to beat!

So, what is this FREE Digital Business Card that I speak about? Simply put, it is called vCard, and it is the World's Smartest FREE DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD! It is totally customizable to suit your individual needs, whether you are a Professional, a Small Business Owner, a Large Business Owner, a Network Marketer, or just an individual that wants to stay in touch with friends.

And, what kind of information can you share with vCard? You can share your personal and/or business contact information. You can include your photo, your business logo, even a map to your business location. All the information can be simply edited whenever there might be changes needed, and so your contacts always have your current information, and they will always be able to reach you. Now, that is a pretty smart business card so far, wouldn't you agree? That is vCard FREE! Why not get yours now? Go to http://gailgrainger.vcardglobal.com , watch the short video 'What is vCard FREE' and then click on the 'Get vCard FREE NOW' button.

Okay, what if you have more than one business enterprise and you need more than one vCard, and you need more functionality. What if you need multiple pages, you want to embed video content, or add photos and galleries. What if you need to add downloadable documents, or want to include a blog or your Social Media profiles? We have vCard PRO! For a very low upgrade cost, you can have all this and more! Check it all out at the website above.

Do you want to see how others have customized their vCards to suit their individual personal, business, or professional needs? Want some ideas? Go to http://gailgrainger.vcardglobal.com/gallery

In summary, vCard FREE or vCard PRO will revolutionize your business card. Yes, just as eMail replaced the printed letter, vCard replaces the printed business card that has been extremely limited in scope. Get your vCard FREE today and reach out to all your Family, Friends and Business Associates with your revolutionary FREE Digital Business Card. Only go PRO if you need to!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this Business Announcement. It will be worth your while to check out the additional information on the website(s) above!
This article was published on 07.10.2016 by Gail Grainger
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