BF SUMA offers a transparent business opportunity that offers wealth, health, freedom of time and money; hence changing people's lives, eradicating poverty and bringing about employment.  Its a Business that can be done either full time or part time. It has been embraced by Influential Citizens around the Globe; in USA, Korea, China, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana... 

*REGISTRATION:*‎ With as low as 20USD, you become an Authorized BF SUMA Distributor and on instant registration, you get; 

=> Free Products.

=> Business Plan.

=> Products Catalog.

=> ID Card.

=> A Badge.

=> DVD.

=> Free Training and Support.


To climb up from rank to rank, you and your team must achieve some set goals as Cumulative Points and the best part is that there are no wiping off Points in a given value month.


The Ranks are:

Star 1, Star 2, Star 3, Star 4, Star 5, Star 6, Leader.


To get to *LEADER*, you and your team would have done a cumulative sales of 12,000 CGV and a monthly group purchase of the value of 5,000 GPV. This I assure you is peanuts.


It then starts to get exciting! In BF Suma, it's not just about how much you can earn but also how many lives you can touch and change for the better. So, when you get to Leader, you can only get promoted when you help people under you become"Leader" and then you begin to grow.


So when one person qualifies as "Leader", you rise to "*Senior Leader*". Two people qualify and you rise to "*Diamond Leader*". And so it goes until you climb to "*Senior Crown Leader*" with 5 leaders.‎



In all my years as Network Marketer and dealing in supplements, I have seen just nothing that compares with BF SUMA Pay Plan.


1) *20% Retail Profit:*‎

Just after registration, you can start promoting the Products and get 20% profits.


2) *Organizational Performance Bonus:*‎

Get 5%-28% Bonus from your downlines depending on your Rank.


3) *Leader Development Bonus*:‎

Rise up to Leader and get 25% Bonus from BF SUMA.


4) *Leader Sponsoring Bonus*:

Help your sponsored downlines rise to Leader and get 6.5% Bonus from them.


5) *Leader Global Bonus:*‎

BF SUMA has incorporated a Leader Global Bonus to be added on top of all the other bonuses entitled by you.


6) *Special Cash Support Fund*.

Each qualified Distributor will receive $50 cash if award requirements are met.‎


7) *Trip Award*:‎

Two awards in a year, Intercontinental Travel worth $2,000 and International Travel worth $4,000. You can win both awards in the same year.


This article was published on 15.09.2016 by Karim Alhassan
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