Why Start a Young Living Business


If you look at the Income Disclosure Guide for Young Living, you’ll see the average Diamond’s monthly income is well over what most people usually make in a year.


Many people say that timing is everything, and that you can’t be successful in a network marketing company unless you get into the business early.

It’s rare for any network marketing company to cross the 1-billion-dollar threshold in sales. Young Living has done it and continues to grow.

The date that you sign up for your premium starter kit has no bearing on where Young Living will go for you. How do I know? Because the current market has never been more open to what you have to offer. In just the past five years, Panera Bread has cut all chemicals from their salad dressings. Kraft Mac and Cheese has cut all dyes from their sauce. Chipotle has vowed to cut all GMO’s from their menu. People are demanding better food and better products. You’re seeing more and more items on store shelves that are “simple” or “natural” versions—peanut butter with peanuts and salt instead of hydrogenated oils and soy products. And the stuff is selling.

This world has started to dramatically change. No longer do we accept at face value that everything in a store is safe simply because it made it past the government. We are starting to flip over the bottles and boxes of the foods that we consume and the things we clean our home with, and the personal care products we scrub our teeth with and slather on our armpits and say “I think there’s a better way to do this.” The companies that are keeping up with that trend are thriving. Those that don’t will lose. Young Living is ahead of the game in every single field: personal care, oils, cleaning supplies, supplements, and more. They are a total wellness company. Wellness means you stay above the line of disease.

Do you ever get frustrated that it seems doctors are always treating the symptoms instead of the cause? That they chase inflammation, pain, headaches, and a plethora of other ailments instead of finding out what’s underneath all that and stopping it? You’re not alone.

That’s what Young Living is about. It’s about stopping the cause before it happens by supporting all the systems in your body without chemically overloading them. It’s not about treating disease, it’s about staying ahead of it: preventative maintenance.

The average woman applies 80 chemicals to her body before breakfast daily through four types of products: makeup, hair care, skin care, and soap. And we wonder why our livers are taxed and we are tired and have hormonal issues! It’s the yuck in our life. We are in constant chemical exhaustion.

That means that if you meet any person who has not banned that stuff from the threshold of their doors, any person who is not label-reading every product in their home—you have just found a potential oiler. You have a market that is one hundred percent wide open, because literally every person you know needs oils. It’s not like a pan or lipstick or a book or a skirt. It’s about your health. It’s about your life and your family’s lives. That’s what makes this company the best.

And I believe with all my heart that Young Living will continue to absolutely boom—because they have what everyone wants: health freedom. It is what wellness is all about: getting ahead of your health by saying “no” to the things you allow across the threshold of the door to your home. You are the gatekeeper. And if you will teach others to be a gatekeeper, you have the secret to unlocking an explosive business with unlimited customers.


I had no idea how much I appreciated this until I had no boss! I dictate my own schedule every single day. 


Once you make $3,000 a month and write a personal will, then connect with Young Living and fill out their paperwork, the income your business generates will go to your spouse and kids forever. So, say you have 5 kids (like me), and are making $15,000 a month as a Platinum—that’s $3000 a month for each child! My kids will never grow up without food in their stomach or a roof over their head. Young Living brings peace of mind. That’s the biggest perk to me. It’s a legacy income, not a 401K that disappears when the cash is gone.

Outside of network marketing, there is no job on the earth where you can pull that off. If I passed away while working in radio, two weeks after my death, my final news anchor check would show up. My family would be out of luck. The $17,000 I saved in my 401K over nine years would be gone in about six months. A Young Living business doesn’t work like that. This isn’t some account somewhere with cash in it—it’s a real, living, growing business that generates capitol—cash that goes to your family every single month.

Young Living is like setting up a storefront in your hometown and having employees run it for you. It keeps generating income even after you’re gone. If you have a will, your rank in the Young Living hierarchy doesn’t disappear after your death; it goes to your family.


If you were in a car accident tomorrow and missed three months of work, your paycheck at a regular job would drop off within a few weeks, right? Even with disability insurance it would be a fraction of what it usually is. But with network marketing, if you are in a season where you can’t share the oils, the powerful team beneath you is still working.

This was one of my wow moments, where I really grasped the power of network marketing for the first time.

This article was published on 04.01.2019 by Wade Johnson
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