Under or over 50 then this is for you

Hi all well as the title suggest 's I am over 50. I am 52 to be precise. I have done the typical 9-5 job to help pay the bills and bring up my 4 beautiful daughters. During that time i have managed to stay married to my wonderful husband John for nearly 28 years so yeah me!

Bought a four bedroom house got the 2 cars nearly paid off the mortgage.

I got made redundant so chose not to look for another job but decided to look at the self-employed options that were available to me. 
What could I get passionate about that would fire my business into earning me an income. So I chose the Health and wellness industry, well in all honesty I think it chose me as my husband suffered a heart attack at the age of 44. Luckily he survived but it meant we had to change our eating habits.

For 6 years I have been part of a health and wellness company but to hit high levels you have to recruit and sell a certain amount of product. Learning and advising clients on what they needed to do to improve their health came easy to me and recruiting 1st line recruits was not particularly hard. As time went on i saw colleagues moving forward in the business but my business had stuttered to a halt. Now this did not really concern me much. I was happy with what i was doing.

Then something happened which I wont go into the details about but it meant I needed to stay at home more and earn more income and believe you me, i tried but I had lost my edge or in all fairness the passion was no longer there. So in a last ditch attempt, I spent my advertising budget on online traffic exchange instead of on leaflets and business cards. With in 2 weeks a new client had filled in my online form at www.drink2shrink.co.uk Then a week later another and another.

So i had finally found something that was working so I began to share my results and suddenly I was recruiting for my advertising business.

So  to get to the point of this post business opportunities for the over 50's. There are so many MLM's available its crazy but personally I believe they are for the young and enthusiastic. If you are looking for something that will be quick and simple and easy to do. Find something that you can be passionate about! Or something that is simple and easy to do. If your looking now then look no further than a profit share business like My Advertising Pays

Now when you hit a certain age you don't want to be spending hours promoting a business or trying to sell lots of products.

So finding that simple opportunity is a life changing event. My advertising business, is quick and easy and takes me 10-15 daily i am totally awestruck with how this works want to know more then either get in touch or go to http://www.click10.co.uk

This article was published on 13.05.2016 by Vanessa Dye
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