How To Increase Your MLM Gateway Referrals And Why You Should


Just like anything in the Network Marketing industry, getting referrals helps.

MLM Gateway is no different in that it will pay you credits and commissions for referrals you send.

So let's look at some ideas to help us get more referrals for our MLM Gateway account.

Why Even Worry With MLM Gateway Referrals?

You want to get as many MLM Gateway referrals as you possibly can.

The reason they are so beneficial is because you get credits to use on the platform for every referral you get. For those of us who are featured members, gets 15 credits for every referral.

Credits are used to get more value from MLM Gateway.

You can run ads, expand your connection base, bump good business announcements to the top again, and become featured member of the day. All of these activities help to grow your exposure and get signups into your MLM business or affiliate commissions.

Speaking of affiliate commissions, you can also get them for referring others to MLM Gateway. You can either get half of any credits they purchase or half their featured member subion (those add up) or if you affiliated a while back, get even a small percentage of 2nd level referrals (like me).

So now you know why it helps to get referrals.

Tips For Getting MLM Gateway Referrals

#1: Tell those you meet in the network marketing industry about it. You meet lots of people on other social platforms and you message with them, right? Let them know about MLM Gateway.

#2: Post on social media about it from time to time. Create a post similar to an ad, and let others just find it when they do. Hashtag your tweets as well to increase the amount of people that see it.

#3: Share business announcements on social media. You don't even have to mention MLM Gateway in this one, because the reader will figure it out if they click on the announcement. 

#4: Have a list? Email your list and ask them to connect with you here.

#5: Write blogs or articles? Write some content about MLM Gateway, or run banner ads on your blog.

#6: Do videos? Mention MLM Gateway in your videos. If you do generic videos, several network marketers will see your video and hear of this platform for the first time from you.

#7: Advertise MLM Gateway using their banner ads on other platforms where you can.

#8: Use MLM Gateway banners and links on safelists and traffic exchanges (here's a list of places to do that)

#9: Make phone calls to new prospects? When you meet someone who is involved in something already and they are happy where they are, send them your link to MLM Gateway and help them get business here.

#10: Do live broadcasting or webinars? If not, you should. Get a following this way and just the mention of MLM Gateway will get you massive referrals.

Did This Help Any?

Let me know if you got some value from this business announcement. Leave a comment below and be sure to share this on Facebook and Twitter so you can get some referrals to MLM Gateway!

P.S Let's connect here! Send me a connection request and I'll accept it! I'll accept all connection requests so you will not waste a credit on an inactive member!

P.P.S If you want to experience a fast growing downline and get a lot of spillover in a MLM business finally, then take this short and free tour, and I'll build you a downline fast!

This article was published on 25.05.2018 by Jaye Carden
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