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ABOUT Me Harold Gibson WiseSpend Elevacity Team:

Please take a moment to SUBSCRIBE to My Newsletter when you visit my website that will send you to my ELEVACITY Product Page where you can Become A Product Partner Join for FREE No Credit Card Required at that time, and also Learn more about our Health Insurance Plans Available exclusively to you and not available to the public or other Independent Contractors. COMPLETE Enrollment Steps 1 thru 4 JOINING the Links to your right, and continue to enter in your information for each Program enrolling system to receive important information. Duplicate This Same Page Copy and Paste this content to your website page just like this one located inside STIFORP Program.

I work from Home helping others be in Position to Share Tools, Products, and Services needed to Grow any HomeBased Business from getting access to SignUps & Leads their first week in business. Your in Contol to Set Up multiple streams of Income getting paid weekly, monthly, 50% & 100% Matching Commissions, Low Start Up Costs Opportunities, and Low OverHead Costs for monthly operations running our Businesses from Home!

Your Goal should be try to Share these Opportunities with at Least One Person A Day Everyday Asking them (Are You Interested In Making Some Extra Money From Home, and One Of My Opportunities I am Sharing will be offering Covered HealthCare Benefits to All Ranked Sapphire's and Above Rankings that Coverage have a Look at Elevacity Become A Partner Today! Just By Having General Casual talks with friends, family, or future business partners you newly meet you can get their Full Name, Phone Number, and Email Address letting them know that you'll be sending that important Info that Simple.

As A LEADER I understand the road to Success. I will help put you into the right vehicle for your Journey to Success. I also will help you understand the Journey, which Is Success, as long as you do not give up nor Quit on me. The Destination is the Evidence that you went on the Journey. Let's get you to the Destination. Let's get you to TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Let me show you the right way! What if you did not have to work tomorrow? Can you imagine having so much money coming in residually from your website like this one that you no longer had to work? Well, stop imagining and start doing something. EVERYONE wants that type of opportunity, and you have it right in front of you! You just have to upgrade your position in the programs, and Start Networking Sharing our Goals to make money from Home . We're not talking a huge investment here, so go ahead and DO IT THANK Me Later!

In Summary STIFORP gives us this site to be able to Package everything we're sharing all in one page very Duplicable Simple to Copy and Paste. This is the Breakdown of all programs to StartUp & Overhead Cost:

1.) STIFORP $49.95 then $9.95/mth

2.) ELEVACITY $49.95 then $35.00/mth

3.) Premier Income Plan $79.00 then $59.00/mth

4.) Global Domains International $10.00 then $10.00/mth

5.) COMMHUBB $0.00 then $0.00/mth

6.) USA Lead Club $60.00 then $30.00/mth...

USA LEAD CLUB *LINK COMING SOON* has 3 QUESTION QUALIFIED LEADS: All leads have valid credit cards, are ready to invest at least $100 in the right opportunity and are ready to get started right away. With this in Mind Still take it One Step at a Time by Firstly Positioning yourself to be able to Share this Strategy helping others Elevate their Life Style, and Build Wealth. With this Strategy you can have 60 days (Two Full Months) of Home Business Operaton covered if you have this:

Grand Total to Get Started: $392.87

First Month Total StartUp: $248.92

Following Next Month Overhead Cost: $143.95

Thereafter to RUN your Home Based Work From Home Business Operation!

I look forward to speaking with you soon, and helping you set up a game plan to SUCCESS!

Have an Awesome Day,


Founder Preferred Marketing Partner with ELEVACITY

Entrepreneur Mentor Team Leader



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P.S. Don't Be Afraid to Give Yourself A Chance to Make an Difference in Someone Else Life Not Just Your Own!

This article was published on 10.07.2016 by Wise Spend
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