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  • Fundraising

Fundraising — is an activity connected with raising funds

and other resources for implementation of non-profit

project and programs aimed at socially useful purposes.

About Fundraising

The main goal of the international project, Whole World is to develop an innovative system capable of ensuring an effective raising funds for realization of charitable programs (effective fundraising).

Before telling you about the features of the Fundraising Technologies used in our project, we would like to say a few words about the concept of Fundraising as an inherent process of charity.

Everyone knows the concepts like patron, donator, sponsor, benefactor...click the Sign Up

- these are individuals and legal entities donating their funds for charitable purposes or implementation of the programs of various non-profit organizations (NPOs). The difference between them consists only in terms of aid provision: someone donates voluntarily and gratuitously while others under certain conditions.

In order to actively involve such sources of funding to charity, it is necessary to be constantly engaged in their search, hold meetings and special events. The charity foundations should have a staff of experienced employees (fundraising managers) for continuous work on finding and involving the charitable donations. Some foundations are able to do it quite successfully using the existing relationships, while others are unable to involve such employees because of financial constraints.

Therefore, along with the current development of charity, another active group of the charity movement participants has started to segregate itself.

They are called FUNDRAISERS

- the individuals or legal entities involved in the targeted search and engaging the sources of funding into the NPOs.

It is worth to note that the Fundraising is not a charity, and the Fundraiser is not a source of charitable donations.click the Sign Up

Fundraising is an activity connected with raising funds and other resources for implementation of non-profit project and programs aimed at socially useful purposes.

Historical Review

The Fundraising started to develop in the U.S. in the 1980s during the Ronald Reagan administration, when the non-profit sector experienced a financial crisis due to reduction of budgetary financing for social programs. Since that time, the movement has become widespread and took shape as an independent discipline. In Russia, the Fundraising began to actively develop from the 1990s simultaneously with the development of non-profit organizations whose activities were not aimed at making profit, but aimed at the solution of socially important tasks that caused demand for attraction of funding sources for their activities. Currently, the Fundraising is an integral part of the activities like social management, marketing, PR and advertising, etc.click the Sign Up

This article was published on 30.07.2016 by youssef amghar
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