Christopher Wright founder & creator of my own personal professional brand to see it CLICK HERE A lot of people say a lot of things in this industry but do the exact opposite. Or they often say things with no real connection with what they are saying. It is unfortunate. But the sayings are as follows. 

  1. Build a brand - yet very few are branded
  2. Build the know like and trust factors. - yet the majority have no real established credibility anywhere. 
  3. People join people - yet the majority continue the failed mass marketing model. People don't want to do any real work to earn people's business the right way. 

The truth is if you don't get to know me, like me, or trust me as credible it doesn't matter what I do or what my offers are you're not going to do business with me if you don't understand who I am.  So I have created this video to help CLICK HERE


I educated people. Why? Because I find it insulting when people who don't know me approach me with business in the first conversation or too early in the conversation. And therefore I don't approach others that way. Why because I would rather flip hamburgers and I would much prefer to go out of business than to stay in business accepting money from people who have no clue what they are involved in let alone what they are doing.

I am a value driven person which means I can sleep at night knowing that I didn't take advantage of someone or mislead someone because " I want to earn money". 

I have three primary offers for those who are new ~ 90 days or less not sure what to do or where to start you need to be educated first. If not you're going to make shipwreck of online business like the masses do. Because they are in too big of a hurry to earn money that they don't have time to learn how to properly do it. People are too desperate jumping from one thing to the next. 

The other issue is people don't want to listen and learn from those who are experienced. People who show authentic proof of all of the results that are driven by specific tasks and behaviors.  Not just commission notifications and leaderboards. None of that stuff means anything if there is not a specific process of execution. 

My other offer consists of a true lifestyle business opportunity. Why because it's not based on nor centered around trends. For the immature adult kids in this industry it makes too much logical sense. People like to promote nonsense because it sounds good based on price instead of being realistic based on value. 

My final offer is my training and coaching program when you want real skills that get real results of a true professional internet marketer you're going to come out of these so called 3rd party done for you systems that you have 0% control over. 


I do things this way because everyone needs the opportunity to see the difference between slap together thrown together marketing vs well organized and put together marketing. The actual impact that comes from the preparation of learning and developing the real skill necessary to succeed online. 

My idea of success is not multiple streams of income. Or this nonsense concept of "not putting all eggs" into one basket. 

When you have a true brand and identity all of your eggs should be in that basket alone. It is unfortunate that people say a lot of things but they never do or are not actively doing what they prescribe others to do. 

I don't have anything to hide and when you're really having success you shouldn't either!

This article was published on 26.01.2022 by Christopher Jerrod Wright
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