What is your Why?

What's your Why

What is your Why for Starting Your Business?

The motive behind the action is important. Knowing why you are doing what you're doing will help motivate you to continue. It will help you to stay on track and live out your purpose.

Your dream might be to help others on your team to reach their dreams. If we're not moving for the right reasons you will always fail. The same goes for you and your business. What you do and why you are doing it is connected. Is it because you want to be satisfied personally, be independent, or is it because you want financial freedom? The list could go on and on and on and on. Basically, it's about freedom.

Simple things like the freedom to choose to go to the restroom when you want to. True story… I was told by a friend that "someone she knew" went to work one day and wasn't feeling particularly well. But, she went anyway because she had some work on her desk that needed to be completed. Well she needed to go to the ladies’ room at a time which was not the standard “company break time”. After she had finished and opened the bathroom door, her supervisor was standing there and told her “you’re going to have to use vacation for this visit to the bathroom". She literally had to change her time sheet to reflect 15 minutes of vacation had been used. Can you imagine that?!

To know your why is important. It’s what's going to drive you to do what you do. Your why is not necessarily going to be money. Money as a why will only get you so far. That dream in you is much bigger than that. Maybe your dream is to change the world and to help other people to reach their goals. Your story must have passion. Your why must carry passion with it or you will stop in midstream if it's only about money. 

Money in itself has no emotion attached to it. Emotion however is attached to you wanting to be there to see your child’s first violin recital or seeing your child make his first goal in soccer. To desire to see your child grow up is a great reason to start a business from home. There should be an emotion attached to motivate you to continue even through trying times.

Do you want to change the world? Find your story. The wonderful thing about passion is that it catches on like a wildfire. It will be not only burn through you but it will burn through others as they catch it.




This article was published on 24.10.2016 by Myra Fields
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