Get 20 percent cash back on the things already you do daily

Welcome to Saivian Worldwide, where you have the ability to turn your receipts into cash. We offer a retail shopping membership that offers consumers the ability to get 20% cashback on their everyday purchases without changing what they buy or where they buy it. We also offer 20% on annual travel. We are revolutionizing the cashback industry and truly helping the average person put more money back in their pockets.

When you help Saivian get more receipt data by twlling 3 people and they in turn get on board you are now poised to earn from $5/day at that point up to $3000 per day at the current maximum payout.


Please keep this very important fact in mind especially when sharing the opportunity....

Saivian is in the market advertising data research space just like Google and Facebook which are 2 of the most highly capitalized companies on wallstreet as per the most recent quarterly reports.

Saivian's business model just like both Google and Facebook is to grow a large network of people and entities that will provide market research data that in their opinion is more valuable to marketers and advertisers than the daya that noth Google and Facebook currently provide them.

Saivian's data is Geo Targeted data and has veey powerful information as far as trending data related to people's buying habbits. This data needs to be constantly provided so that Saivian van remain viable and meet their obligations to their clients. As we share the opportunity with others and grow the network, Saivian will necome more valuable as a company and we in turn grow our network numbers and hence grow our pockets. This is a win win. Let's go oit and tell the 20% cashback story and show our family, friends, doctors, Lawyers and business associates how to Shop, Save, Share and become wealthy doing it.

Please tell me the last time you started a job making X dollars and then in less than 4 months you get a raise of 900% from your starting daily pay.

I thank God that Saivian made that possible for me today. This is new material to add to my testimony. 

Cold market here I come. Still working on the speach to give them up at Howard University, the multiple churches and community organizations and the numerous targeted businesses I plan to hit.

Man if I actually had time like so many people!!!

This article was published on 18.08.2016 by Janell Liburd Lamothe
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