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Do you want to get free shares worth up to £100?

Do you want to get free shares worth up to £100?

Lets face it, we have all thought about trying our hand at the markets, and some of us may have already tried, but how many were successful??

What if you could "try it out" without having to spend any of your own hard earned cash... and no I don't mean switching over to safe mode and "playing" with fake free cash, I mean trading actual stocks at no cost to you! 

If that's something that interests you, well, have I got the perfect opportunity for you. 

Join Trading 212 Invest with the link below, and you can get a free share, it's as simple as that.

Joining Trading 212 would just give you a free stock, it will allow you to trade in fractional shares, which means you don't have to buy the full share, allowing you to trade with as little as a £1 worth of stock. Fractional shares allow you to buy into big companies with high priced shares with out having to fork out the whole price.

Trade 212 allows you to buy and sell (short) stocks, gold, oil, ETF's, FOREX, commodities and more, and with zero commission. 

You can access the Trading 212 via any platform, PC, phone or tablet. The app is completely free to download and use, there is no hidden charges. Any funds you put in are your own, there are no fees and zero commission involved, so you won't have to deal with any investors or mentors trying to coax you into funding your account with hundreds of pounds or dollars, all you have to do is fund your account with at least £10 and you will receive your free share. Once you have retrieved it, you can deposit the £10 back into you bank account, or you could sell the share you just received and refund the whole lot back into your account and never buy any shares at all... no obligations to getting the free share!

When you sign up you will be asked to verify your ID, this is a security feature to prevent people enrolling multiple accounts under them to get more of these free stocks illegally.

Ah but You see, there is more. 

Once you have opened your account, you will also receive a link the one in this announcement. Once you have your link, share it with your family, friends and email lists and get A FREE SHARE FOR EVERY PERSON WHO SIGNS UP FOR THIER FREE SHARE!!

Each share you receive could be worth up to £100, so if you trade already, you already know the value of this offer, if you don't trade yet but wanna try it out, this is the perfect opportunity to grab a few free shares and give it a blast for free... there really is nothing to lose.

This article was published on 19.11.2023 by Barry Kelly
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Trading 212 - Stocks/Trading, Free to join

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