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For people who want to work with gambling or play lotto with a new style. As if the World would be your community.  E.g: If you join my team, and any one under me or above me from my team puts someone else they are gone be under you and in your team 

Btw. My team current volume is 208 people (Sep.06.2016) i joined (Aug.01.2016) and been grown by at least 4-5 people every day. 

Check out the website, Free to create account  


The #Explosive business basics explained and well rounded (COMPANY ARTICLE)

YOU have 2 options:

1. You have the option of being a free member or,

2. You can join/upgrade as a Partner (Premium membership), this cost € 200

This will explain the main differences:

Free members are those who mainly want to take part in the products and services Explosive will offer. As you will be aware of, our first business is Explosive Gambling, where free members then will have access as players (Partners can of course play as well). You can introduce friends and family to Explosive as a free member, one good reason to do so is that if someone you introduced wins a cash prize in the Explosive lotto, you win as well. So the more players you have introduced, the bigger is your chance of winning.

Another good reason to introduce new members is the ‘power of many’ – the more people who joins Explosive, the better our products and services will be. So by helping Explosive grow, you will benefit from this. As an example, the Explosive lotto gets more exciting and more rewarding as our members base grows.

Note; Since free members does not build an Explosive business their back office is more limited in features than what the Partner have, free members can for example not chose how to structure their referrals.

Partners, on the other hand, are those who want to build their own Explosive business. Our business is built solely by sharing, rather than spending money on marketing. We share our revenue with our Partners. When you upgrade to Partner you get a new section in your back office which enables you to track your earnings and plan how to structure your referrals and your teams.

Explosive offers an extremely rewarding earnings plan, we cannot succeed without the help of the thousands of Partners who become successful building their own Explosive businesses. We combine the ‘sharing economy’ with our new term, a ‘sharing business’. With us any person, worldwide, can build their own business being part of our brand and share our vision with others.

To summarize this: Free members join Explosive to become part of a business which offers them innovating and beneficial products and services. Partners are members who upgrade their membership in order to build their own business by sharing Explosive with others



This article was published on 05.09.2016 by Mohammed Hameed
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