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Is There Really an Ideal Business?

Many years ago it was not uncommon for the man to have a job to support his family, and the woman would take care of the chores at home, and raise the children (where applicable). Those days have long gone!

Today, the employment market is filled with uncertainty, terms and conditions have changed (not in our favour), and we are forced to undertake tasks and employment in some cases, which we feel as being undesirable. Quite often we are required to take on addition earning opportunities, just to achieve our expenditure on a monthly basis! 

Most everyone wants to have a great life: Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness! 

"We should be working to live, and not living to work!" 

To really achieve the "good life", you essentially need 2 things: Time and Money! Some people are happy with what they have, and couldn't imagine changing anything in their lives, but many people are frustrated, unhappy and felt they have been let down in life. The latter would love to change their circumstances, but don't know where to begin....The car will need replacing at some stage. Wouldn't it be great to take several holidays instead of working the holiday to earn extra money, or I have plenty of money, but no time to enjoy it, and the list goes on..... 

Everything in our lives which we are, do or have, is a direct result of all the decisions we have made, our mindset and what we believe to be right. Some people want different results, but continue to do the same things which got them the results in the first place......

"If you want to change some things in your life, you need to change some things in your life!"

Hundreds of thousands of people are drawn towards starting a Home Business as the solution to the problem. Why is it that around 99% of people who start a Home Business, fail? A Home Business like any other business, is a business! If you have never been successful in a business before, which would have taken a shift in attitude, mindset, and the development of a host of new skills, then the chances are that you will end up as one of the 99%....

"Home Business is a Business, and not a Hobby. How you view it will reflect your results".

There is a term in the Home Business industry called Attrition! What is Attrition? It is when an individual joins a company, usually with the expectation of becoming "rich" like those at the top, and quits within the first 6 weeks, 6 months, or even the first year, because that person hasn't yet become rich, doesn't receive any significant support or mentorship, and doesn't really know what to do through lack of support and understanding, which results in frustration, false expectations, which results in quitting....Attrition!

You can "fast track" to success, but you can't cut corners.....

It has been suggested that in order to become a so called "expert" in any field, it takes around 7 years of studying that particular field, to achieve this level of knowledge and experience. You can't possible become an expert in 6 months!

Anyone entering into business, even a Home Business needs to make changes and learn new skills. In short, they need to become "that person" in order to become successful. The transition from the employee to the self-employed mindset is essential for success, as is learning new skills like: time and money management, goal setting, people and communication skills, to name but a few. Another reason why people quit and fail in Home Business is because they run out of money before the money starts coming in! Monetizing your business is essential for financing the business in its initial stages.

Study what successful people do, and emulate them...

Success leaves clues, so there is no need to try and figure it out for yourself! Where do you start? Start with changing one's self through gaining the knowledge required through books, seminars, internet, coach etc. When you change, everything in your world changes in accordance to that change; it's how the universe works.

It's better to make a decision, even if it is wrong, because no decision is a decision to accept things as they are....

What would the Ideal Business look like? We as humans like things to be as simplistic and easy as we can possibly get it!

No Selling

No Sponsoring

No Names List

No Cold Calling

No Hotel Meetings

No Trying to Figure it Out

A Tried and Tested System

The Same Chance of Success as Anyone Else

Do nothing and become rich (this one is often expected, but not possible)

I am sure that the list could be extended even further, but these are just some examples! If you are looking for the Ideal Business, and want to become successful and it hasn't happened for you yet, perhaps you should step back and review what you are currently doing, or what you are about to embark upon. Make a checklist before you start, of all the components you need for success, (you wouldn't become a bricklayer without a spirit level!)

Quite often it isn't the opportunity you are involved in which is the reason success hasn't happened for you yet, it is more often the case that there are some things which you don't know yet, or you haven't developed the skills and mindset for success! Or, which is quite often the case, you do nothing!

Anyone and everyone who achieved a high level of success, didn't do it on their own; they all had a coach and/or mentor! If you're out there on your own trying to figure it out, find someone successful who will help you. Look at Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos etc, they all had a mentor! Nobody can do it on their own, why would they try.....

"There is no I in T.E.A.M: T.ogether, E.veryone, A.chieves M.ore"

In closing: "There is no free lunch", everyone has to pay the price for success, even in an Ideal Business.....Success is only about 6 inches away; it is the 6 inches between your ears.....Thoughts lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to Emotions, Emotions lead to Actions, and Actions leads to Results....The quality of our thoughts is dependant on the quality of our mind......Stop thinking about what you think you know, and start looking at your results!

This article was published on 17.08.2016 by John Irvine
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