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Lets start by looking at the ways in which you may come to promote your products initially, and in the future through the use of joint ventures. The first thing that springs to mind right away is simply offering higher commissions and free product to e-zine owners and marketers with their own personal lists. In this most basic form, it's amazing what you can achieve by giving your product away.

The great thing about this is, although it's really simple to do, it works brilliantly. You'll have access to huge numbers of people through the lists others have gathered. Some don't even allow advertising and use their list as a personal tool for their own products. These lists are usually highly targeted and very responsive. It's not easy to come up with the means and methods needed to tap in to this powerful resource when you don't own your own product.

Having complete control over a product of your own also allows you to carry out other joint venture like operations to increase initial profits. As well as deals and giving away your product to gain access to these lists, there's a whole host of other ideas you can use.

Having your own site provides your business with great malleability from the start. You can personalize certain areas to cater to particular marketers lists, not only increasing response rates, but this also increases the chance that your JV offer may be accepted. List owners like to give something special away to their customers and contacts. This is something you have the power to do with your own product that you won't with affiliate programs.

It should start becoming obvious to you now how much more power you have with your own product. That little bit of extra work and investment throws the doors wide open and gives you a lot more to play with in the short term, and in the long term, which is the next point I'd like to show you.

Initial profits isn't the only thing to think about of course, there's a lot more going on behind the scenes with your own product. That's building your resources as a business owner that will allow you so much leeway in the near and far future. First up, I want to talk a little more about how the 'you brand' is being built. That's people starting to recognize you as an online business owner.

Check my post tomorrow as I will continue with this series and we will be talking about Branding.

Until then,

Bruno Duarte & Homebiz Essentials

Let see if this article with provide me credits too, since I still havent been credited since my first biz announcement ;)

This article was published on 25.01.2016 by Bruno Duarte
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