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So, my husband and I had a dental practice for almost 40 years and he was wanting to sell it and retire. Since I was the one who had always handled the finances I was a little apprehensive at the prospect. You see we had always made a pretty good income and we were used to a certain lifestyle. The thought of not having to go to the office Monday through Friday was very appealing, but the thought of having to cut back on things we were accustomed to was  not. I begin thinking of options!

I had also gained some weight over the past few years that I was wanting to shed. What if I could combine my weight loss into some kind of a business? About 25 years previously I had been with a company that had a fabulous product that had worked for me but they were no longer in business. How I wished I could find a product like that one because I knew if I did I could also make some extra income to supplement our retirement plus it would give me something to do when we sold the practice. Suddenly a man's name popped in my head that had been in my previous company who had been very successful with network marketing so I set out to try and find him to see if he had found something that worked. This is where good ole social media came into play. When I searched his name of which I am sure there are thousands of people with the same name he was the first one that came up. What a sign! When I looked at his info he was touting a product that was working so I immediately sent him a message. Being the networking professional he was he responded to me very quickly and asked me for my phone number. We had a nice long chat and he told me that he had started his own company and offered to send me some info and samples. Once my husband and I had tried them we were pretty certain we had found our product! They worked just as they were intended to. All of a sudden I had the energy to do what I wanted and needed to get accomplished and I began losing weight again. Being in my 60's and having hypothyroidism had made it very difficult for me to lose in spite of eating pretty healthy. Within 3 months of taking the product I lost about 25 pounds and my patients began asking me what I was doing. It was very easy to share with them as I had a captive audience! Before we sold the practice and retired I already had my MLM business going well and continue to build it. We have met some amazing friends through this business and I love helping people feel good again

When we first started on the product there was only one product as it is a small family run company. Now 4 years later there are 6 products. The company is based in Texas and I am privileged to also know the formulator of the products as well. Love the fact that the products contain organic botanicals, are non GMO, Vegan and gluten free. There are no fillers or flow agents used in  them. When you can sit down and really get to know the heart and mind of the person who creates your products it gives you a lot of confidence in them. I know he would not put any ingredients in them that he would not give his own family and that is very reassuring to me. As I mentioned before when I started we only had one product. We now have 6 more. We have a daily detox that is not a colon cleanse but is made up of ingredients that help to remove toxins that we ingest from our air, food and water on a daily basis. No matter how hard we try to live clean it is virtually impossible to not be exposed to lots of toxic chemicals as they are everywhere. We live in beautiful Colorado and were inundated with smoke from all the forest fires last year so the detox really helped with that. A probiotic with digestive enzymes is also part of our product line now. Did you know that 80% of our immune systems start in our gut? With all the terrible food additives and preservatives, not to mention processed foods  people ingest we all need to keep our guts healthy! Does your multi vitamin contain an ingredient to help remove aluminum from your body? Ours does. Do you have any idea how much aluminum you are exposed too? The answer is A LOT! It is in deodorant, cooking utensils, baking powder, food preservatives, baby formula, soda cans and water, just to name a few. There are studies that suggest it could be linked to Alzheimers although that has yet to be confirmed.. I for one do not want to take chances with that one. We also have a stimulant free version of the original formula that the company started with as well as an extra strength one designed as a pre workout product. Just recently the company packaged 3 of our products together in a convenient package to help with the effects of a hangover. It is designed to detox the liver, replenish your body and give you energy. 

In the future the company plans on introducing more products to help us all lead a more healthy lifestyle. Rest assured that they will all be thoroughly researched and tested before they would be introduced. If you are looking for a small, innovative company who is getting ready to reach momentum then this is the company for you. They treat you like family and reward those who are actively building the company with some nice perks. The products are superior to any you can find on the market and are also affordable with a generous compensation plan. I will be happy to send you some samples of our flagship product if you need energy, appetite control or better mental clarity then you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Once you do you will see why I love them so much. For more info contact me through here or go to my website www.blite4you.com for more information and to SIGN UP FOR FREE!

This article was published on 21.07.2019 by Lou Anne Carlson
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