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Most people join an MLM to be able to make a little cash on the side to pay a bill or two or three. Wouldn’t you say that is the primary reason people join an MLM opportunity?  

Today, here is an opportunity to make some great choices. But consider a day, when there can be no more choices.    

There will be one final day that there will be no choices. There will be no negotiations- No goals setting- No power of positive thinking—No self-help opportunities...

Life as we know it will come to an end. But today, we have time to rack up the points—so to speak, at least while we can.    

Isn’t that interesting? But to ask the question again, why do people join an MLM company? Is it for the product or for the opportunity?  

Is the product more valuable than the opportunity? Here is one, is saving money more important than making money.   

I have always been taught that it takes money to make money. So logically, if you save money, you will make more money?  

There are opportunity reps who will usually lead with opportunity—The Cash to be made. I presume these reps believe that people want to make a little extra cash to __________________.

Let us just say, that the Number 1 reason people join is to make a little extra cash. But let us consider a product driven company. A company that leads with the product, not with the opportunity.  

Because this product has global appeal—used by billions of people. And what type of product has that much broad appeal? I’ll tell you in a moment.

Ok, here is a hint! Do you ever wonder why Rock Stars ( Bands ) and Movie Stars make so much $$$$? People pay for entertainment!  

Let’s face it. People love to be entertained. And pay big bucks for it. Paying even when the prices are completely outrageous—Like cable!!!

There are some people paying on average $1450 annually for their cable bill and some are paying even more than that.   

I offer a product that pulls people away from their cable into a more affordable situation. As a matter of fact, my product can via multiple devices and would still be cheaper than your expensive cable bill.   

Are you a product person or an opportunity person? I am going to say you love entertainment? So I want you to sample this streaming product for 24 hours then you decide. Check out these features:  

Access to over 2500+ channels of Live Streaming

30 Day Live TV Streaming Trial

After your 30-day trial ends,


Check Out Our Channels!

USA TV, USA Regional TV,  Kids TV,  Canadian TV

Canadian Regional TV,  UK TV,  Latino/Spanish TV,  Australian TV

Pakistan TV,  German TV,  Italian TV, Portuguese TV

Brazilian TV,  Indian TV, Greek TV, Local News

NFL,  MLB,  NBA,  NHL Premier League

NRL and AFL,  World Sports, TPK Music HD

Radio Live Cams, Adult Programming

Movies Movies Movies!

And if you are an opportunity person, you save money that you’d normally be paying for cable.   

Message me so we can connect and I can provide you will more detail.  I am looking to hearing from you and to help you save your money.

This article was published on 15.03.2019 by Mark A. Thomas
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