Become a New Oil Baron and make a fortune

John D. Rockefeller made his fortune by giving away quarts of lamp oil on the streets of New York. You can make yours by giving away 5-gallon cans of crude oil on the internet.

As you know, the price of crude oil is at it lowest since 2002, largely because  of over production. More than 1,000 oil rigs have shut down since prices started dropping from $143.85 a barrel in 2008 to their $33.65 low in January this year. Tanker ships loaded with millions of barrels of oil are anchored or tied up along the coast of countries around the world waiting for prices  to go back up.

And rise they will. The world demand for oil is still hovering close to 35 billion barrels a year and BP's oil scientists tell us that all of the oil left in the earth's crust will be gone in 54 years. Can you imagine what the last 100 million barrels will sell  for?

If there ever was a chance to make money with the 'buy low...sell high' strategy, this is it.

Unfortunately for the low and middle class people of the world, any kind of investment in oil is more than our pocketbooks can bear. One oil futures contract is 1,000 barrels. Figure that out at  $40 a barrel. If you think that's too much to chew, think about buying even a hundred shares of BP stock for $361.

Well all's not lost. The New Oil Barons, Cal Smith's new MLM gives everybody the opportunity to make their fortune in oil for an affordable $5 a month membership fee. And guess what. You get a registered oil certificate redeemable for 5-gallons of crude oil at OPEC prices in 12-months; at which time they should bring at least seven dollars!

But seven bucks is no fortune, is it? 

No, but if you know the power of MLM and I tell you that Cal's plan gives you another free certificate every time someone registers anywhere in your downline five levels deep, you begin to get excited. Because it's a unilevel program, you could very easily accumulate 100,000 certificates in a year. That may not be a million dollars, but even Microsoft didn't cough up millionaires that fast.

What's that you say? You're happy with the program you're in now? Well I hope so, but why not give your downline a second chance and let them get in the oil business as a sideline while they can "buy low...and sell high". Even Warren Buffet looks for new opportunities to make money.

Dip your fingers in oil at

For five dollars what have you got to lose?

This article was published on 25.03.2016 by cals5839 .
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