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Hey, it's Ron

You want to make money online--I know that about you.

You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't.

And there's a new program launching every week :-(

People shouting...

"This product will change the game!"

"This comp plan is going to make more millionaires than ever before!"

"We're going to pay out HUGE bonuses!"

But rarely do they live up to what they promise.

Here's why (brace yourself...MORE honesty):

1. The program wasn't made for the newbie. It was made for the experienced affiliate. The big money is out of reach for most poeple.

2. You bring your new person and the "big dog" on all the webinars and on top of the leaderboards gets all the exposure and recruits your poeple away from you into other programs.

3. The owners give free positions away to all the big affiliates ...but you have to pay full price (hence, the program was made for the big affiliates-not you)

4. There's gotchas everywhere...and upgrades galore....and typically you've blown your wad on upgrades and upsells and don't have money left for advertising.

5. HUGE (hyped up) announcement, after HUGE (hyped up) announcement. "We've got a new program to teach you how to sell teddy bears on Amazon" (for $2 a piece) "...and it's only $20,000!"

6. Or... the next huge MLM...or Forex...or cash gifting deal pops up and there's a mad dash to "get in at the top" (eeew)

I could go on, and on.

But I might get nauseous.

So instead...

I'm going to show (and help you) with something TOTALLY different.

If you've ever wanted to have a REAL online, automated business...


I've been quietly working on a way to let you duplicate my success online.

Because I've spent years learning...

...and hundreds of thousands of dollars testing, tweaking and figuring out exactly what works.

I've spent years hiring and building the perfect sales and marketing platforms that work around the clock to make sales for me while I sleep...

...or travel

....or spend time with my family.

So I'm going to what no one has the balls to do.

I'm going to let you DUPLICATE MY ENTIRE BUSINESS to get the exact same results as me.


1. I'll give you access to an exclusive financial platform to generate returns as high as 7% WEEKLY!

2. I'll PERSONALLY show you (step-by-step) in videos EXACTLY how to leverage this Trillion dollar industry…

3. I'll do all the email follow up for you…so when you invite others you’ll build a vast team and ramp your earnings up RAPIDLY.

4. I'll let you use my websites, my sales copy, my sales videos…EVERYTHING, AT ZERO COST TO YOU

5. My AUTOMATED system will close sales for you....you just get ready to take action when I pull the curtains back on

my the MakeMoneyWhileYouSleep formula.

And you'll collect big ol' returns, directly deposited into your bank account just like my business does everyday

This is a real business with a real infrastructure and real employees.

I'm treating you as a partner.

(I'm serious about that)

So I need you to show up when I’m ready…

Can you do that buddy?

We'll go over details and gameplan of how we're going to make (a lot) of money together

I'll keep you updated and I promise, this will TRANSFORM your life…

Talk soon buddy,



This article was published on 10.01.2017 by Ron S
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