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When it comes to online business/marketing we are all looking for that "Holy Grail" of advertising that will get us tons of clicks/views to our offers and make us tons of money.....right? For most of us we know that that will simply not happen. Finding good traffic sources is becoming hard to find.

I have come across a unique traffic source called Speed Leads and it is so unique, I bought the software and am happy with the results. I was looking at new ways at getting views to my ads and Speed Leads is that traffic source.

The way Speed Leads works is this........the software enables you to be able to place a call to action button or other prompts onto any website on the net (or pretty much every site). So you find a cool site about cats, you set up your campaign through speed leads and you attach a button that leads to an affiliate offer about cats and attach that to your newly found cat page. You then post that cool cat site/picture to your social pages and when someone clicks on the page they will see the cool cat page but also your exclusive call to action button at the very bottom. When that person clicks on your call to action button they will be taken to your offer. 

Now consider the fact that if you just posted your offer they may not have clicked on the offer page. Also for a lot of CPA platforms out there, Social Media advertising is forbidden........Speed Leads gets around this and allows for offers that allow PPV traffic.....

I have been using Speed Leads to advertise my online business. I have also been able to advertise a snoring product, Baby nappies, and many other affiliate offers. This is so easy anyone can do this. The more you use it, the better results and ultimately more income you will earn for your business.

So I would recommend Speed Leads to those who want that something a little bit different. Use the software and start getting a whole lot more for your advertising dollar.

Here is an example of a page I made and am driving traffic to........notice my call to action button at the bottom.


Get your copy of Speed Leads here    http://bit.ly/29prVVu

Happy Advertising

This article was published on 14.07.2016 by Paul Haycock
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