Saying No 9 years ago cost him 23 Million Dollars! Don't let that happen to you.

Have you ever said no to an opportunity that turned out later to be a HUGE MISTAKE? Do you wish you could go back and say yes instead of no? That's what happened to my friend Mike when he was approached by a friend of his 9 years ago about a new business launch opportunity.  His friend ended up going on to earn 23 MILLION DOLLARS in just a few years, while Mike was left shaking his head realizing that he made a huge mistake brushing off his friends insistence.  

Have you ever been there? We all have, but we don't have to end it like that and accept it when another massive opportunity knocks.  A few days ago, Mike did a call to tell his story about what he has learned in the process over the last 9 years and how similar this new launch is to what he declined previously.  The major two differences Mike saw between this new company and the one he passed up on is that:

1.  He would not pass this up.

2. This opportunity is much greater than before.  

To hear what all the buzz is about and why marketers all around the world are coming out of retirement, DIAL 646-653-1867 to hear the 8 minute recorded message.  Because this is so new and in pre-launch, we are looking only for the best marketers in the world who want to build past their warm market and start to build globally from the beginning.  We want strong leaders who have an extensive business background and massive vision in global expansion and online marketing.  You can learn more here:

Because the owner of the company is most likely the greatest network marketer of all time, it has been his mission to change the network marketing industry as we know it.  Not only did he and his team want to open up the comp plan to pay more than any mlm company in history, but he wanted to structure the business so that reps could win with or without a big team or any team at all!  That has never happened before and only a small handful of leaders with big teams have done well historically.  

He also wanted this company and pay plan to be a pillar for families to focus on getting out of debt and growing wealth and other businesses.  Don't ignore this opportunity that is destined to disrupt an 8 TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY and be sure to listen to the call all the way through.  You will be very glad you didn't blow this off like Mike did with his previous opportunity 9 years ago.  We are a team of global marketers that focus on all avenues of marketing online and offline and dedicated to be the largest and fastest growing team in the world.  To learn more or if you have any additional questions, email our team at 

We look forward to speaking with you! 

Roklur Family

This article was published on 24.04.2019 by Peter Roklur
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