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Big Comp Plan on 20% Cash Back Program

I've been running small businesses for over 30 years. I've launched & run & been hired to turn companies around. I've also been hired by IBM, AT&T, UPS, CitiBank, plus more as their small business consultant to launch a new SMB-centric service. I know how to help small businesses grow.

Besides consulting with SMB's, I'm also working on the cutting edge of Cash Back technology. You no doubt have heard of cash back programs. Many of us have credit cards that offer 1%, 3% or as much as 5% cash back from purchases we make with that card. We are working a program, which emerged from it's 4 month "soft" run and was officially launched February 27, 2016, that is paying up to 20% Cash Back on your normal, everyday shopping -- using YOUR online or local retailers.

That's cash back on 20% off your food bill, gasoline, clothing purchases, and even restaurants you frequent. The program includes nearly everything you buy, where you already shop,  with a card you already use.  We require no new relationships with banks or stores.

How does this work? Not everyone knows that when you LIKE a store on Facebook that Facebook sells the information to various retailers, marketing partners, and manufacturers in all lines of business. Similarly, we’ve tapped into a system that pays us to share generic point-of-sale habits. And you and your down-line can get up to $3000 Cash Back a year for doing it.

So it's actually costing you money every day you wait to join.

If you’re interested in starting or adding this to your home business or MLM network—and this is totally optional—you’ll be paid to share the retail shopping membership with other people. And who doesn’t want 20% cash back on their shopping?

Plus, we've got a unique MLM comp plan that not only creates a powerful Earning+Savings combination ($560/mth w/ only 2 Teams of 6 --that's $7,300/year) but also motivates us to serve each other--not always the case in MLM compensation plans.

AND, it won’t interfere with your existing business—everyone’s shopping anyway!

They also just released a new product announcement of a global travel service being rolled out as of March 7th that is purporting to offer better travel deals than Travelocity and Expedia -- also w/ 20% cash back benefits on top of the programs savings.

This opportunity is for early-movers. Call me & let's talk about how to partner, & serve each other & our teams!

For more info:

Call our 24 Hour RECORDED Message: 1 (800) 846-4360 Ext. 60

Or click here to get more information!

Soli Deo Gloria! Danny Gallo, The Small Business Lifer

This article was published on 02.03.2016 by Dan Gallo
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