OMG, The United Games App has Gone Viral even B4 its officially Released!

“A Giant is Emerging”: That’s the catchphrase for the new sports gaming app to be released by United Games early Autumn this year - a “world-first” type of game where people can play along with their favourite sports team.

If you do not like playing games or using apps, you are not alone. I do not play games at all, and many too do not. But due to the HUGE business aspect of this opportunity with potential growing Residual Revenue, many have jumped in and I would really be stupid as an entrepreneur not to be part of it, so I am in with both legs. Lol.

As an entrepreneur or Business builder, if you ever had the vison to Identify a huge Opportunity in its early stage, this is one of such moments. So what would you do? Wait and see or join and grow with?

We are presently uniquely positioned as First Movers through exclusive Invitation only to be Part of this Emerging Giant. We are all under a huge Team of Leaders providing exclusive support, with a private Facebook group you will be part of and leverage to profit from this opportunity, when it goes live. Even at, there is already a United Games Fans group. As a fan of the United Games App, either as affiliate or Player, you are welcome to interact with the members there, sharing your experience as player or as affiliate.

Gaming apps are huge revenue generators and the market is constantly growing, and United Games have positioned themselves to launch a truly unique game with huge viral potential - giving everyone who has the vision to identify something great in its early stage, the opportunity to create a sizeable residual income as an affiliate or simply have fun as a player.

Get details here:

At this point, membership is exclusively by invitation. If you are not a member yet, but can relate with the vision of this opportunity, contact me here on the MLM Gateway Platform or any member of United Games Fans group @ Bitbillions to request an access code.

The United Games Fans group @ Bitbillions is a group or Game enthusiasts that are passionate about the United Games app as affiliates or Players, and you are welcome to be part of the excitement by joining the group here. The future with the United Games App is bright and you do not want to miss out.

Your fastest way to join this Emerging Giant is here:

Glad you caught the Vision.

Welcome On Board.

Pete Ade

This article was published on 10.06.2016 by Pete Ade
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