Team PassiveonlineIncome! possible join/merge with Team DREAM BUILDERS Valentus

Rhasz here,

     Dream Builders have already a team in place and PassiveonlineIncome! has a planned and built system that can viralize a teams advertising. Just waiting on a phone call at the moment. For details on the team plan from PassiveonlineIncome!, Join the Facebook group here (for information only):

If joining Valentus, make sure to be sponsored by a Dream Builders member like myself now.

Once I am able to dedicate all my time into my team instead of my employer, success is guaranteed especially if the merge goes well.

Join, sleep, grow automatically


CEO PassiveonlineIncome!

Here is a quick ad about the team plan from PassiveonlineIncome!

THIS IS WHAT ALL ONLINE INCOME EARNERS WANT!!!! (Proof of Payment directly to my bank account

I have developed the plan that everyone has always dreamed of. 100% Passive income, the system builds on itself by just a simple 5 step set up that people follow one time.

The more that join the stronger it gets.


Make up to 8k per month as a set and forget team member or more as a proactive member

Autoresponder and other marketing tools

Easy 5 step join procedure

100% Passive after set up, no additional effort needed. The ultimate lazy RESIDUAL money income system!!!

The WHOLE team promotes our team (even the set and forget members)

Non members promote our team!! (Marketers that dont even know about us promote this team!! DOES that even sound possible to you, it is already happening!!)

Business partners promote our team

The whole team succeeds, NOT JUST THE TOP!!! (SPILLOVER MATRIX)

A Real team system!!

Plug in your own business opportunity (optional)

We promote your business for you, you can make the team your primary business or plug in your own.

Cost: $6 per month (Autoresponder included in this cost) Most autoresponders cost at least $20 per month

So just give up one lunch to get all of the above OR instead

Join the partnership program for free!! (no qualification to earn money, no matrix position for partners)

Join a team where everyone wins, not just the top

All that is required is 5 steps, see details in the facebook group.

After completing 5 steps you can be a set and forget member or a proactive member.

Even the set and forget members promote the team for us so therefore the whole team promotes the team.

If you can't click join on the facebook group then we don't even want you on the team so continue on.

The partnership program is free

Join, SLEEP, grow automatically


CEO PassiveonlineIncome!

This article was published on 30.08.2016 by Robert Polk
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