What else can be a better option than investing in Cryptocurrency?

People talk about pyramid scheme well let me tell you, there is no country in the whole that would allow a pyramid scheme. It is clearly 110% illegal.

People also wrote a lot of negatives about when Bitcoin concept was introduced and there were thousands of articles about Bitcoin, that it's a scam or a pyramid scheme. The mistake I have made when I heard about Bitcoin, instead of putting sometime to understand it, I just went on google and asked what google thinks I should do. Guess What? I missed the BOOM. Look Bitcoin now 7 years in the market and look how many millionaires Bitcoin has created. You do the calculation. Back in the time when we were first introduced to Bank Cards. People were like it is impossible, how can you transfer cash into a card, it's not gonna work. 

If you have a look, each of us have 2 or 3 bank accounts right now and using the cards on daily bases. Fair enough!! Same thing happened when Paypal came and people wrote a lot of crap about it.

Why should I invest in paper currencies? Don't you remember the crises happened in 2008? Don't you know the paper money keeps dropping down in value overtime? The government takes huge amount of loans and to get rid of the depth what they do is, they print more currency. Printing more paper money doesn't have any effect on my wealth? well let me tell you it destroys my wealth...

People say digital currency have no value well let me tell you the paper money you use is it backed by something? where the value comes from? please educate yourself first then start passing comments because you certainly don't know how money works.

It is clearly not me who believes in Cryptocurrency or Digital Currency, it is actually the people such as Bill Gates or Ben Barnanke say's that digital currency are the future.

Come to Onecoin now, I won't say much about it but I will give you some facts that you might need to use to do your own research.

You might know already that Onecoin is just over a year old and has broken many records like..

  • 1.7 Million members in just over a year and in couple days 1.8 Million members. Not Facebook has done that and it took them 9 years to reach that number of members. 
  • 3.9 Billion USD in Market Cap. Don't believe me go check on xcoinx.com  
  • Over 400 millionaires... What kind of company has done that? you tell me. 

Brand New Office opening ceremony

I really congratulate Onecoin and the whole team of Onecoin for their efforts.

Founder with the whole team

For your own benefit, I highly recommend you to watch this video: Watch Me

Already Joined Members 1.8 million

1.8 million members already joined in just over a year.

Members by country

Members by country

Sign up: Click Me

For more info please do not hesitate to contact me: ghayoomi12@gmail.com

This article was published on 29.04.2016 by Zeshan Hossein
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