Which is Better Postcards, or a 2 step Postal Letter System?

Calling all 'LOVERS of MARKETING!'

Looking for Honest Marketers...

I have mailed Postcards in the past with very little results, and I also used a 2 step mailing program with the tapes ("Dead Doctors dont lie") I was actually working with the producer of that  tape, the guy who wrote it for Dr.Wallach. (GREAT TAPE) I sold a lot of product. Since that time I have not much success with mailings,  as I have not been impressed with the quality of the Post Cards or the Mailing Pieces.

During a brief moment, when I was between MLM programs, I recieved in the mail the most impressive mailing piece. I would love to go into details on this piece yet I am going to refrain.  I do not want to give away any of its secrets. Marketing is an area where bad people love to steal ideas. The (Dead Doctors Dont Lie ) tape was stolen by dozens of companies to market thier products. Ill bet at least a million tapes were copied and used to sell Millions, and the producer did not recieve  royalties for that masterful work of marketing ART.

Anyway, back to that mailing piece that I reciently recieved. I sponsered in to  CTFO just so I can use this mailing piece in my marketing. I talked with my sponsor and he said that I was the first of many to respond. The System uses a company that personalizes and mails out for everyone at a decent cost. He ordered 1000 to be mailed for him. It is still early and he is claiming 47 responses so far and his phone is still dinging from signups.  Since it is doing so well, today he is ordering 1000 more to be mailed. I am joining the fray. I am  starting with just 500 mailing pieces.

The reason that signing up people just using a letter in a 2 step mailing system is a great way to market, is because people who sign up will also use the same system to duplicate easily. If say 5 people each just sign up 5 people who sign up 5 people and on and on using this easy System. Quickly and easily by the 5th month you most likely, will have well over 10,000 hard working people in your downline perpetuating this system.

Below is a video showing the Simple Comp Plan that is associated with the best CBD and nutritional products available. Find out why I am excited to join this great company in the making.


 This marketing piece is only available to those who are on our Team. It is almost 'Brand New' I would love to share it with you.  FREE SiGN-UP, NO PRESSURE TO EVEN SPEND ONE DIME. Our Team would love to have another great Marketer to join our ranks. SO COME ON BOARD! Looking for Honest Marketers who want an honest System.

GET STARTED FOR FREE!    https://bit.ly/2UQNisC

Right Now would be the best time to sign up with CTFO as it is free, This will give you a chance to check us out, and I will then contact you and send you a copy of our letter. 

In our system you will also be given 250 FREE Postcards and Names every month. (just pay for Postage). You (my guess) will  have good results. Also I speculate that you will have GREAT results with our Mailing Pieces. The only way to get into our system, and to find out is to get on board. Just consider it a marketing test and you will be able to find out for yourself Which is Better Postcards, or a 2 step Postal Letter System? we will love for you to join us. Get In Before Our Mailings Hit!

This article was published on 25.04.2019 by Richard Mccurdy
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