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Welcome to inCruises

A brand new company which just started in Mid January 2016 and already has affiliation in over 150 countries and growing, With a product that many desire and only 20% of North America has been able to tap into so far, cruising which is an 8 trillion dollar industry and growing

At inCruises we make cruising affordable, accessible and profitable for our members

We are an invitation only club and our members enjoy huge savings on cruises starting at 50%-75% off.

We pay a monthly subscription of US$100 per month which is then matched by the company. So each month our $100 is doubled to $200 which we then can only use towards a cruise.

There are 3 ways to join:

Member Only -where you just pay your membership dues, cruise and enjoy the benefits of true savings

Partner Only - where you join as a partner to just promote and sign up members. You will enjoy getting paid handsomely in many different ways and bonuses

Partner Member- Join as both Partner and Member and take advantage of both aspects of saving on cruises plus getting paid to promote and sign up other members.

The latter has proven to be quite beneficial to me

Once you have recruited 5 persons you do not pay your $100 any more yet you still collect the $200 in your account to cruise with.

There are also instant bonuses for recruiting which I have never before seen. 

The compensation plan is insane. $50 first sign up, $60 second $70 third and $10 added compounded until the end of the month. Then it resets to $50 again for the start of the new month.

Residual income starts also from the moment you get your 5 members. $10 per direct member.

Our system is designed to help everyone. Help those 5 persons to get their 5 also and you make residual $5 on their people. Not to mention the Kickstart bonus of $100 when they get 3 in their 1st month.

Our cruises are not limited as we have all the major cruise lines working with us.

We have Dream Cruises offers which have been handpicked by our executive team to which have the best offers on savings and itineraries which you can use 100% of the Cruise dollars accumulated in your account to purchase

We also have Global Destinations which one can use only $500 cruise dollars in the first year $750 in the second year and $1000 thereafter.

This equates to a $1200 gift per annum for members and for those promoting like myself a $3000 gift per year which has nothing to do with other monies and bonuses or incentives earned

We make donations to the make a wish foundation and the ocean cleanup project

For more contact me at 649-347-3041 or

Direct link is

This article was published on 14.06.2016 by Kerwin Boxill
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