Nothing like it on earth!

Dear friends,

I thought I'd write a few words about the amazing Basic Reset!

I started using their products. About 2 months ago. I would fix the water is the way they would say to do it on the label. By adding the Aqualyte, and Ionyte to a half a gal of water everyday!

On the third day I began to feel a change. I felt so much better.!

Went from dragging myself out of bed to taking a walking fast around the block each morning. My Dog who also receive the water is also feeling much better. He's about 12 years old, and used to drag himself out for a walk and didn't want to go until he absolutely could not wait another minute. Now he's like a puppy again and will not allow me to turn him for home until he has smelled everything within A  four block radius.

I feel at least 30 years younger. And I have so much energy I can hardly contain myself!

So I thought I would try their product called Vibrant Energy Drink!

And it is a phenomenal! It used to be really hard for me to sit at my computer and work especially in the mornings and I we get the sleepys! But with the vibrant energy drink. I felt like a whole new man with this subtle energy supporting me, allowing me to hold my attention on doing my business. And also I noticed something else, I suffer from PTSD, and one of the symptoms is that some little insignificant thing will make me angry and the whole thing blows up. To something that its not and it takes me a while to get a hold of reality. All of that stopped! And I could maintain my smile!

It is not that these products are cure for anything. They simply give the body what it needs to repair itself!

I am also about 150 pounds overweight. I thought there is no hope I can barely walk let alone exercise, and as stated above, I am feeling better and walking a lot more!

But there is a product called body mass reset! And they say that a person can lose 2 pounds a day using this product correctly!

So I had to give it a try. You go to my website go to the products and find the body mass reset and then click learn more information will tell you about the whole diet and everything that one should try to maintain while taking this product and believe it or not it works. I have been losing 2 pounds a day if not more.

And a few people have come one under me and bought a few products and I've been absolutely astounded by how much money you make. For a $48 order I received $17. That's 35%!

You get 35% on your first level for the products sold directly under you. You get 10% for your second level and 5% for your third..

Just think, if you had 100 people under you buying just $48 worth of products a month you would be making $1700 every month!

And the thing is just like has with me. The products work so well everyone buys them every month. In fact they wouldn't dream of not having them.

There was one testimony I heard by a young girl who had panic attacks and so forth. When she was on, the vibrant energy drink, or panic attacks went away and her husband said you will never be without vibrant energy drink again in your life for it has saved our marriage! And,

the most amazing thing is that it's free to join. There is no monthly cost. There is no AutoShip there is no pressure to maintain certain amount of product sold each month and if you sign up three people your product are basicallyFree in other words, you make enough in commissions to pay for your products. It's a win-win win-win win-win situation-.

So take action now and sign up is free tell some friends about it have them ordered some products make some money, try the products your self, even little kids benefit because they are not sick all the time their immune systems are strong their brains work better. They learn faster, but I'm warning you they have twice the energy!

This article was published on 30.04.2016 by James Seal
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