The Death of 9-5's

I decided at the age of 14 that no one was going to decide my success but me. At 18 I decided to say no to the status quo and mark my own path to financial freedom.

I've always believed there was more out there than what was taught in school. No one ever encouraged me to start my own business or work for myself. Teachers always taught me how to become good enough for someone else in their business. You're taught at a young age that being in school for several years is the only way to guarantee a comfortable financial future. Network marketing challenged that and so my research began.

I came across the company Make Wealth Real from multiple friends talking about how it changed their life. By friends I mean real people I've known for years not company paid sponsors to make them look good. That alone made me wonder if this could be the opportunity I was looking for. With any job one of the first things I looked into was the compensation plan. The company is fairly new and offers tons of bonuses where you not only make commission, but additional pay for reaching milestones. To live solely off of commissions is risky for me so the fact that there is residual pay made me feel more at ease. The biggest beauty of the pay is that it is DAILY.  With MWR there is such a thing as making $1000 in a day & I know people who have done it.

At that point in my research the compensation plan had me leaning into my computer. Next question was what do I have to do and what is the product. MWR offers two different categories of services. One is called Lifestyle Essentials. They offer multiple options including 24/7 telemedicine, total home tech support, roadside assistance, identity theft, financial coaching, and so on. There are 10 options total. On the other end it is called Lifestyle Advantages. That package includes $500 in monthly travel savings, $250 coupons in shopping and dining in any zip code, and $100 worth of grocery coupons. The highest your customer would pay for ALL of the above would be $49.97 monthly! Not only can you reach a big and diverse audience with what  you have to offer, but it's also affordable.

What do you ultimately need to succeed in network marketing? A quality product or service, determination, hard work, and a mentor that refuses to give up on you and wants you to win as bad as they want to win. Let's become business partners today. Educate yourself on what I have to offer. I look forward to working with you.

This article was published on 08.08.2016 by Ana Jolie
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