The Power of Grapes. The Opportunity to change your life.

Who would have thought? Who would have dreamed? The AmazinGrape could be so...Good for You. The Delicious Muscadine Grape may have more Vital Nutrients and Power Antioxidants than any other Fruit or Vegetable in the world.

Public and Private Funded research has produced hundreds of studies, articles and human clinical trials which have confirmed and concluded ..."The Muscadine Grape has a bona-fide physiological effect on the human body." Research continues on the vast health benefits of resveratrol, found in purple or red grapes. Here are some of the amazing healing benefits of resveratrol.

10 Healing Powers of Muscadine Grapes

*Power Up Your Weight Loss

*Mop Up Brain Damaging Plaques

*Improve Brain Power

*Protect Your Skin from Cancer

*Turn On Your Longevity Gene

*Fight Diabetes

*Protect Your Heart

*Protect Your Body from Radiation

*Turn Down Inflammation

*Supports Muscle Recovery


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Wouldn't it be great to build your immune system, reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar levels, provide antioxidant protection against free radicals and fight against cancer...with just one product. Muscadine Seed and Skin may be the most economical way to nourish your cells.

The Muscadine Seed and Skin has more than 44 times as much Resveratrol (Anti-aging) as red wine and the highest "Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity" (ORAC) rating in testing in Brunswick Laboratories. The Muscadine addreses more health challenges at once! 

What would it cost to purchase only a portion of these nutrients at a local health food store?

               Drugs You May Use Now  

Anti-Inflammatory meds up to $90.00

Allergy meds up to $50.00

Diabetic meds …(and Insulin) up to $600.00

Statin Drugs…(Cholesterol) up to $160.00

               Natural Herbal Supplements

Resveratrol…(Anti-Aging) up to $49.95

Ellagic Acid…(Anti-Cancer) up to $29.95

Quercitin…(Allergies) up to $29.95

Proanthocyanidin up to $24.95

Gallic Acid up to $19.95

Calcium up to $18.95

Potassium up to $24.95

Magnesium up to $18.95

Anthocyanins up to $23.95

Pectin up to $11.95

Vitamin C up to $12.95

Prostrate Formula up to $39.95

Flavonoids up to $21.95  

AmazinGrape...Retail Price $33.00

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