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Healthy Air, Safe Surfaces : Everywhere ! You Deserve The Best !

** Note :  This opportunity is only available in the U.S.A. and Canada at this time.

Our Best Personal Levels of Health Respond to a Truly Clean Environment !

Consider, for a moment,  Three Essentials for Life :  (1) Air  (2) Water  (3) Food

Which Essential component is most important to us ?  It's obvious : We can go weeks without food, a day or more without water, but only minutes without air.  Air, and especially oxygen, is vital to us.

We breathe about 3,000 gallons of air daily !   That is about the space of the average swimming pool !

For many of us, the air we breathe throughout the day is indoors, at our work place, and at home, including the time we sleep.

How healthy, or safe, is the air you breathe ?

If you don’t use an air purifier, YOU are the purifier. We battle harmful bacteria, pathogens, mold, fungi, VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds, like household chemicals ), and other irritants like smoke, pet dander, and seasonal allergens.

How can we keep our indoor environment safe, CONTINUOUSLY, in between the regular sanitizing practices we do ? We do it with ActivePure Technology, using the Vollara Air and Surface Pro, manufactured here in the USA !

This compact device, less than 12 inches tall, will protect a space in your business, home, or office, up to 2,000 square feet in minutes !  ** Note: This is NOT a fogger device, an inefficient filter, or a slow, passive technology !  How it works : Oxygen and water from the air are combined within the Vollara Air and Surface Pro to produce oxidizing molecules which are propelled at high speeds from the top of the machine.  These molecules travel very quickly within your 2,000 square foot area on a "Search and Destroy" mission to render ALL airborne and surface pathogens harmless.  Airborne germs / bacteria / pathogens are disabled within 3 minutes !  All other pathogens on SURFACES ( furniture, carpet, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. ), are disabled within thirty minutes to three hours !  This is Powerful - a Clean like you have never experienced !

Vollara's mission is to empower your health. Our parent company, ActivePure, is a global leader in air and surface purification. Their patented, NASA inspired ActivePure Technology has an effective 99.96 reduction in airborne and surface contaminants. ActivePure has been featured in television and print media nationwide. 

One more wonderful benefit : People with all types of allergies experience tremendous relief with ActivePure Technology !

This article was published on 16.07.2021 by Jonathan Kraus
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