Never give up!

One day the jokester came to the king. And the king asked him what's the difference between you and a jackass? The jokester thought for a moment and then said with a smile on his face. Sir, it's about 3 feet!

The king laughed heartily. Even though the joke was on him.

It is sometimes very difficult to start and maintain a Internet business.

I have started many and have given up just before I might have made some money.

I am reminded this morning of all the stories about people who gave up too soon.

There's the story of the Goldminer who gave up and sold his Goldmine for pennies on the dollar.

And the person that bought it. Doug just 2 feet and found the richest gold vain ever discovered.

There Is also a story about a man who had a field where he grew vegetables and oats every year for his family.

And he heard that there were diamonds in a faraway place, so he set out on a journey to find them.

He ended up going many places to try to find diamonds, went broke. And Sold his farm.

The new owner ,one day found the richest diamond mine ever discovered in the field. 

It's as if I would plant the seed, watered the ground, clear all the weeds away so the sunshine would hit the spot, but give up just before the creeper broke ground.

In this way, I  would spend lots of money and get no results!

 Sound familiar?

There is a great man once said that an airplane takes off against the wind. So it is in the times of struggle that we should never give up.

There was one man who  found butterflie's cocoon, and took it inside to watch the butterfly emerge.

Sure enough, the butterfly began to move inside the cocoon and tore a little hole.

And the man watch for hours as the butterfly tried to struggle  free from the cocoon.

 He finally decided that he would help and he took his scissors and opened the cocoon just a little bit so the butterfly could come out.

 And the butterfly was walking around dragging his little wings. The man thought that soon it's wings would become big and full like all butterflies.

The man didn't know that it was the struggle of pushing itself through the whole that push the blood into the wings that made them full. The butterfly's wings never developed and it walked around aimlessly before it died.

Many times it is the struggle that we need the most, for it gives us the strength, the experience, and the knowledge to become successful in our businesses.

I'm very fortunate to have found the Ad Rotator! Ad Rotator is not so much of business as it is a movement to success.

There were specific things I needed to know to be successful online. Things you just can't find on the Internet.

But must be taught by people who have found them out by trial and error!

The secrets that the big companies don't want you to know.

Ad Rotator was invented for the ordinary people, stay-at-home moms, retired people, student's, those that have a job but are underpaid, all are welcome!

I have found at Ad Rotator. The finest training of how to be successful on the Internet.

And every single classes archived so that we can go back and study them over and over! 

Everything is taught in minute detail, spoonfed to you, so all can understand.

Of course the teachings can be used in any business, but,

Ad Rotator has been the most successful business I have done!

I have already made a ton of money and plan to make tons more!

You owe it to yourself and your family to watch this 20 minute video at my website! 

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This article was published on 21.12.2015 by James Seal
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