Why I chose MOBE Rather Than A MLM Related Company, Very Good As Some Are...

Why I chose MOBE Rather Than A MLM Related Company, Very Good As Some Are. In fact, I am still an active member of one that I joined 21 years ago…

This statement needs some clarification. First of all, my business experience in life started in Retail. It was a local shop and I was fortunate to have as my first boss someone who took an interest in me. I was soon purchasing on behalf of the business and worked my socks off. My parents moved North and reluctantly, at 18, I moved up to join them. The economics of fending for myself were not right in the late 60’s (As now) and I soon joined one of the best retail organisations in the UK, The John Lewis Partnership, as a trainee manager. Retail was still poorly paid so, when I saw an advertisement to join Mobil Oil Co, I jumped at it and got in. Oil companies are awash with money and paying an exceptional salary is not a problem for them.

How does this relate to the headline? Simple. To be paid twice as much for doing the same sort of thing is obviously a lot better. At 19 years of age, I leapt ahead of my friends salaries and never looked back.

It is the same with MOBE and MLM. Joining a MLM opportunity, you have a 3% chance of making serious money in the long run. If you join a TopTier company like MOBE, you have the possibility of making $10,050 per sale as opposed to being reliant on others efforts for your income. In other words, “If It Is To Be, It’s Up To Me”.

For those of you who are self-starters and only need pointing in the right direction, TopTier is the way to go.

If you are worried about stability, and this is a very serious issue if you are going to commit your life to earning $100k Plus per annum, then you should do your ‘Due Diligence’ and research the industry. I provide links to help you on my website to research MOBE in particular.

This is not MLM so, I am not building a team upon whom I am reliant for my income but of course if I sponsor you, the company rewards me as it will do you. The person who sponsored me into MOBE has already made more than $1m in commissions and I am simply following in his wake. When you realise money is your divine heritage, you should persist in claiming it and if you can relate to this, MOBE could be right for you. It doesn’t take many people for you to interest in MOBE to join you and that really trumps selling a $10 ebook. Do the Maths.

Over to you.


Malcolm George Patten

MOBE Platinum Partner


PS If you download this free eBook, you will find a link to apply to MOBE for the 21 step course that leads you to join us. The key here is that if you apply the ‘Gold’ in this training, you are comprehensively armed to achieve what others who also took the course are achieving today.

This article was published on 19.10.2015 by Malcolm Patten
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Alonzo Brown Malcolm, thanks for the informative article. Much success with MOBE!  2 years ago

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