Are you struggling in your network marketing business? A Business coach can help

The past 18 months I have taken myself on a journey, one to learn the root of why I struggled to ever succeed in my network marketing business. What I discovered surprised me.. I had spent nearly 10 years jumping from one opportunity to the next, blaming up lines, the comp plan, and coming up with excuse after excuse as to why nine times out of ten I didn't even really apply myself daily.. Then I realised, we often talk about how we want to change the world, but we fail to realise we first need to change ourself! I can help with this.. 

This time last year, like every year before, I was setting my goals for the New Year, but January came and went and I hadn’t hit one single goal, my day job was becoming harder with my fibromyalgia creeping in, and I wanted a bigger challenge. So in February I decided to step up to full time management again and applied for a new job...all the while I was trying to build my “side hustle” with dreams of getting it off the ground, building a huge team and leading many others to success too.

Within six weeks I had turned a conventional high street business around, hitting target after target and I had hit my first rank in my new networking business. I knew then that I wanted to be doing this full time. As the months went by I spent time on developing my skills so that I can lead from the front, I started being more “seen” on social media, and even did my first lives. I worked on my mindset, and practiced more gratitude, and in September I started a 3month goal setting exercise that within days of writing it changed everything again. 

October I left my full time job, I literally just walked out! No plan, no idea of what I planned to do to make my business rocket � I just knew I didn’t want to be working to anyone else’s time schedule. I was terrified! What had I done!? I was excelling at work, I enjoyed it (most the time lol) but yet I just up and walked out... and then it hit me, my mind map! I had planned this, I knew exactly what I wanted, and the how it would happen wasn’t important! Looking back on that mind map..I achieved most of it within the time I set myself to achieve it in. 

And you can have all this too..I offer 121 coaching to help you make changes to your everyday habits and mindset. we start working on your specific goals and challenges you feel you have faced. You’ll leave a session with agreed actions to help you make the desired changes and we keep in touch regularly via Skype for meetings, courses range from three three month transformations and my rates are very reasonable to help anyone obtain coaching. I also offer a few workshops on facebook completely free, simply follow me to find out info. It's never too late to made changes that can impact your life in a positive way here on let's make 2019 your year. Contact me today :-)

This article was published on 12.01.2019 by Jane Ann
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