Why INFINii is the BEST Affiliate Marketing Program

Before we can get into why INFINii is the BEST affiliate marketing program. We must first establish what is eCommerce (electronic commerce). Ecommerce is the process of buying and selling goods and/or services via the internet. Examples include e-books, software, training, groceries, travel, food ordering, etc. In today’s day and age more people are shifting to online shopping. As of 2015 over 1.5 billion people shop online. (Statista)

About the company:  

INFINii is a platform that combines the worlds of eCommerce, Digital content, Freelance Service exchange under one umbrella, and was started 3 years ago by CEO Hitesh Jueja, when INFINii decided to focus on ecommerce and changed the way people utilized it. During this phase it was commonly known as Dropship Domination (DSD) and here people learned through training videos, & webinars how to making money leveraging Amazon, and EBay. Fast forward to December 2015 with the launch of INFINii at the front, and Hitesh was able to do over 2.5 billion dollars in sales in just the first 30 days, and seeing his company grow to over 80,000 members (currently 150,000 memmbers). Not only did INFINii, rock the eCommerce world, but it did one thing better than its predecessor, and that was adding automation.

  What is Affiliate Marketing?

I want to set the record straight and distinguish what INFINii is and what it is not. It is an affiliate marketing program, meaning that you can join and solely be a customer. Here you are able to make money by paying for the various services (to be discussed later) that you desire. Unlike multi-level marketing where the main focus is on recruitment. Typically affiliate marketing companies do not pay out a lot of money, or it took hundreds of customers to make a living. The amazing thing about INFINii, is that you are learning how to leverage Amazon, EBay, Bonanza, Shopify, etc, together these companies generate of 1 trillion in sales a year. Hey even 5% of that is pretty good! Also with INFINii, if one chooses to make money from our rewards plan a partner fee of $9.95 is required and or a fee of $19.95 which includes access to our online marketing training, which includes blogging, ad programs, FB marketing, a built in sales funnel and much more.

What are the Services and How to Join?

Now to the fun part! INFINii has what it calls the INFINii ecosystem which consist of its digital products/services; the marketplace; and the ecommerce side. *Please note the list of features for each service is a condensed list.

eCommerce training Prime level ($49.95/month)

1. Includes EBay, amazon, and Bonanza trainings

2. Access to the Advance listing creator (listing products faster and with better search rankings)

3. Automatic Tracking-email updates when prices go up/down or are out of stock. INFINii will automatically change your pricing to your set profit margin.

4. Taught how to create listings

5. Select items to sell

6. Finding items on Overstock and Amazon.

Surge Level ($149.95/month)

1. Includes everything from the Prime level

2. Advance listing techniques

3. How to rank at top of EBay

4. Maximizing Profitable Keywords

5. And much more

 Excel Level ($399.95/month) 

1. Includes prime and surge levels

2. Mainly focuses on Amazon Seller Central

3. Private labeling

4. Leveraging other sellers for profit

5. Create own Amazon brand

6. Promotions and Discounts

7. Training on Alibaba

8. Leveraging and training from Chinese Suppliers 

INFINii Marketplace:

1. Free for vendors

2. Private and only available for INFINii members only 

3. Access to wholesale products

4. Low seller fees 6%

5. Simple to use interface

6. Exclusive discount from select Amazon Suppliers

7. Perfect for folks in other MLM’s (product based ie: teas, lotions, food, etc)

Signal Forge (Digital Product $199.95/month for non members/99.95/ month for INFINii members)

1. Automatic trading signals

2. Built in risk management

3. Binary Options signals

4. Option to choose multiple signal types We just recently launched this, and for access to a recorded webinar. Please click here for access to the webinar webinar.

Who is INFINii for?

Any person who 

A) wants to learn a new skill set 

B) wants to try eCommerce, or learn how to trade forex/binary options 

C) anyone who is tired of having their income solely dependent on recruiting people. 

I am looking for only 3 types of people: Those who are coachable; those who can take massive action, and finally those who are accountable. If you have made it to the end and wish to get started and/or check out a video presentation. Please visit my website http://www.moneywithharvey.com, and also please make sure to connect with me on Facebook: Rashard Harvey. Same picture as on my profile.

I  will see you on the other side, and more announcements coming soon!!


This article was published on 30.06.2016 by Rashard Harvey
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