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If you bring 2 people a day to TLC that's a SIX FIGURE INCOME.

Are you EVER going to make that kind of money at your job?

Didn't think so...

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Sorry to break it to you,

but your paycheck isn't a reflection on your hard work or on your potential.

Its a number based on how much it would cost to replace you.

Not ability, not intelligence, not dedication.

Just the cost of getting another guy to do the job.

We like to say that people should get paid what they are worth and not just what their boss thinks they deserve.

We like to think that ability and not seniority should decide your position.

And that you should be paid based on what you do, and not just how long it takes.

Join the Total Life Changes today, and let us show you how we do business.

Do you really believe you're getting paid what you're worth?

Are teachers getting paid what they're worth? Are soldiers?

What about mothers?

Jobs aren't designed to pay people for their real value, they're designed to get the job done for as little money as possible.

Here at TLC, we think its time for a change.

We believe people should be paid for the work they do and not just for their job title.

That exceptional work, should receive exceptional pay.

And while maybe we can never pay you what you're really worth,

We know that you'll agree that all business should be grounded in performance, and not just attendance.

If you're ready for a real change join our team at Total Life Changes and come see how we do business.

Do you really think the boss is noticing your hard work and trying to get you a raise?

Or is it his job to keep down costs and bring hours under control?

Stop the nonsense cycle of work and sleep.

Its time for a new kind of income- the kind that pays you for being unique.

That writes you a check for being smart, not just for logging hours.

Join Total Life Changes today, and grab your share of success.

This article was published on 24.09.2015 by Ricardo Corredor
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