Make Money with Traffic Monsoon - Really!

Traffic Monsoon is celebrating their one year anniversary - amazing!

It is really hard to believe that I was originally introduced to Traffic Monsoon one year ago and basically ignored my friends that told me how great this new traffic exchange was. They raved about how they were making money from the first hour with the program. I looked at the program and just could not get my head around how you could only make $0.001 per click of  each ad you view. Another way to make money with Traffic Monsoon is to purchase Ad Packs for $50.00 that will grant you revenue sharing till you earn a maximum of $55.00 - that is a 10% return on your purchase maximum. Finally, they grant you a 10% referral commission on all money that anyone you sponsor spends - this is the one thing that did have me intrigued.

The bottom line is that I didn't believe that the return on my investment and time would be worth my efforts. Boy, it turns out that I could not have been more wrong! I recently met someone who started only a few months ago that is making a nice 6 figure income already. Even though he invested $1,000 to begin his business, he has shown that his effort has paid off very well.

I took this revelation to heart and decided to give Traffic Monsoon a real try, but on a much smaller scale. Less than 6 hours ago, I joined Traffic Monsoon and purchased a single ad pack for $50.00 (a much smaller scale). When I just logged into my account, I was shocked to see that I have already made $0.284. That does not seem like much, but at this rate I should make my $55.00 in about 48 days - that equals about a 75% annual return on my $50.00 investment if I don't recruit a single person! If I leave that $50 in the bank, taxes and fees would leave me with less than my $50.00.

Personally, I invite you to join me in this new venture and see where it takes us. Besides the money we can make, there is a great opportunity to market other programs you are interested in to the other members of Traffic Monsoon since everyone clicks on a minimum of 10 ads per day to stay in the daily revenue sharing pool. The advertising is extremely targeted to like-minded individuals that are looking for good programs to make money online. CLICK HERE to join me NOW!

This article was published on 13.12.2015 by Jan Terry
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