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Hello all and thank you very much for taking the time to hear my story about the passion that I have for improved total body health and wellness, and sharing this life-long commitment with others that share this same great passion. 

My name is Brandon Mihalik, and I currently reside in beautiiful Wiesbaden, Germany with my family. I am a retired Army Infantry soldier with previous military service in the United States Marine Corps, and currently am a graduate student with Penn State University working towards my Masters degree in Human Resources and Employee Labor Relations. I also happen to be an independent distributor and wellness advocate for an organization that has positioned itself nicely in the trillion dollar health and wellness nutritional supplement and essential oils industries. But enough about me and the boredom of giving you my LinkedIn profile highlights. I will make the rest of this announcement short and sweet, which is the way I prefer to keep things.

First and foremost, I am not pitching or hawking any wonder drug, overnight magic pill, or snake oil potion. I am simply sharing my interest in helping others to improve their own health and wellness, and helping others to do the same with an opportunity and a line of products that help you day by day and little by little achieve this life-long goal. 

If making money is your number only priority, then read no further and I am not interested in connecting with you......I am just being honest here. However, if you understand the concept of committing to a way of life and sharing that vision with others, then please feel free to read on. I have attached a few links here which I believe provide great insights into what I do, the company that I have aligned myself with, and the products that have not only reshaped my life, but have also provided an ever improving lifestyle for my wife, myself, and our children. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything more further, and I do sincerely appreciate you taking the time to give me your ear and dedicate a few minutes of your time to hear my story.

Brandon J. Mihalik

Here are a few common facts about my Zija International busiiness that I appreciate and believe is helpful when deciding to also explore this opportnity.

Is this a pyramid scheme or MLM based business?

No this is not a pyramid scheme, since you do not recruit people, take their money, and then offer them nothing of value in return. 

YES this 100% definitely with no sugar coating, is an MLM based business. Yes, yes, yes it is. You do directly make money by bringing people into your business, and you do offer them not only products(which they pay for), but you also partner with them to help them build their own Zija International business. Like almost every other MLM business that I know and have been a part of, YOU DO MAKE MONEY BY HELPING OTHERS MAKE MONEY. This cycle will in fact repeat itself over and over again as you continue to build your business, and help others do the same. That is the fact and their is no need to hide or disguise that in my opinion.

Are their any startup costs to become a distributor and/or pursue the business opportunity with Zija International?

The answer is no and yes. No in the fact that one does nnot have to invest any money besides a $20 annual fee, to become a Zija International distributor. While you may not want to jump into the business building part of the opportunity, the $20 annual fee does allow you then to purchase and use the entire Zija product line at the wholesale distributor price.

However, if one had any interest in creating their own business and eventually growing that business into a meaningful income, then it would be a wise investment to make a purchase of product that would serve two purposes. One is that allows you to have a 1-3 supply of product on hand to try and get a feel for, so that you can make your own educated decision on how the products work for you. The second reason to make an initial purchase, is that this will help show by example to those that you may or may not bring into your business, that you are serious about your own business, as evidenced by your investment and satisfaction with the Zija product line. 

Will I make money by owning a Zija business?

The straight forward answer is that this is entirely dependent on your ability to share the opportunity with others, and show them the benefits that are derived from including the product as part of a happy and healthy daily routine. I initailly made some money with my business as I shared it with others and they saw the benefits that were acheved by using the products, and then I made absolutely zero money for an extended period of time. I have just now started to build my business again, which in turn begins to once again generate business and in turn income. This has ranged from several hundred dollars per month to just over $2000, as I steadilly build up my teams and expand into new markets. Some months I will make a few hundred dollars and then their will be months where I make much much moore, and this is entirely dependent on the success of the people that I bring into my business. 

This is just a little bit of the straight-forward no-nonsense information that I wished would have been explained to me before joining the company, and I sincerely hope that this helps you become a little more informed before making any decision whatsoever. Take care all and please do enjoy the videos below.

My mentor's Zija International success story:

The Zija International products and home page:

This article was published on 02.08.2016 by Brandon Mihalik
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