Boost Traffic to your website! More Traffic = more sales!

Getting Traffic to your website can be difficult and expensive!

The most common ways would be paid advertising such as facebook ads or google and other pay per click advertising business.

So you pay these business' how ever much you want to spend in the hope some of the clicks convert to sales or sign ups right? Once you pay your money it's gone regardless of generating sales or new members to your site.

So what if a company turned all of that on its head and instead of that money going to all the bigwigs and CEO's of the companies making them rich, how about if it was given back to everyone that advertises?

Well that's exactly how we work!

Take for example - you pay facebook to advertise your website or business. You pay them $50. That $50 is now gone regardless of the success of that ad.

Where we differ from that is what if every time you spent $50 advertising with us and instead of that disappearing you actually earn $55 back and generate sales and flow traffic to your website.

Surely that's better than waving goodbye to $50 right?

What Makes advertising with us a lot better?

Well..... Click through rates on facebook and google normally hover around 0.5% to 1.5% per ad impression.

Now, every ad placed with us normally averages from 8% to 12%. Some much more than that!

I'm so confident in these numbers that I will personally advertise your ad to back up these figures for free!

More traffic will sky rocket your site in the google rankings which in turn generates even more views!

So in short - YOU get paid to advertise! $55 back for every $50 spent advertising. Plus all potential new traffic and sales generated!

And that's just $50! Every $50 will generate $55 back to advertise your website or business. Imagine doing this 1000 times?

So you see how you can actually create an income just to advertise your website or business?

More Traffic = More Sales!

Now I can go in to a lot more detail about what we can do for your website or business but for now i'll keep it as simple as that!

If you do want to advertise with us or want to know a little more info you can email me anytime and also check out and our blog that explains a little more!

Membership is absolutely free to give you a chance to see if we can really work for you!

This article was published on 19.08.2016 by Ben Lucas
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