7 Reasons People Swoon When Hearing About Basic Reset

Okay - there are really at least 10 benefits that resonate with people who are introduced to Basicc Reset for the first time. I’m only going to deal with the boldest and baddest here...

SPOILER ALERT - 35% Referral Commission - no hoops, no gimmicks - all day long    

1. No Entry Fee. 

Say what? You can actually join a company, work from home and not have to pay a start up fee? You don’t even have to buy a mandatory Start Up kit? That is practically unheard of….  Not at Basic Reset.

Are you KIDDING me? Wow - the things we settle for….

2. No Auto Ship.

Wait. What? You mean no one is going to make me submit a minimum monthly order? Nothing to stockpile in my garage or rush to take double doses because more product is automatically coming next month? 

3. No Mandatory Purchases.

Many companies insist that you make a minimum monthly purchase in order to have your check released. I never really liked this rule, because after all, you did the work to bring members on - and they shopped. Seems logical that you would get paid since you first introduced them.

4. A Real Transference of Knowledge.

With our amazing products, teachings and testimonies, you begin to really understand why your body was acting up and acting out. Which makes you more responsive to treating meeting the needs of your body - you respect it more and feel great that you are giving it the resources it needs to thrive.

5. Weekly Pay via Paypal.

Many call Wednesday Hump Day. We call it Pay Day. The convenience of having money deposited into your e-wallet, with an option to use it buy products or to save and transfer it to Paypal - this is a boss move. It puts you in control of your earnings and you can access them quicker.

6. The Performance and Simplicity of the Products.

These products are so powerful that it is a wonder that people didn’t make the connection long before us. But they didn’t - or at least they didn’t package it in such a manner to benefit so many people all over the world. Now you have the keen window of opportunity to use this all to your advantage. Want to feel stronger? Do a Basic Reset. Want to be more energized? Do a Basic Reset. Want to get your Mojo back? Do a Basic Reset.

Some of our most popular products include structured water with minerals and trace minerals, bee pollen super food, weight loss and energy solutions and healthy coffee. You want to get this in your system immediately. You will LOVE the way you feel.

7. This is not a typical MLM company - we are all affiliates who get a referral fee down through 3 levels. The compensation plan is beautiful in its simplicity.

Get on board with us and enjoy this New Journey. Join for FREE and become empowered - position yourself for Your Best Health and Your Triumph in making real money, every week, via your own online business. 

To Your Long Awaited Success,

   Coach Kim   


This article was published on 15.07.2016 by Kim McDaniel
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