MLM Gateway Review: Steps To Build A Network Marketing Team


If you have been using MLM Gateway for some time, you may have noticed it isn't as easy to build a network marketing team as first believed.

You most likely already know why this is the case, but do you know how to use MLM Gateway the right way to build such a team?

In this MLM Gateway review, I am going to share with you the steps I personally use each and everyday, that has led to several team members every month, and countless affiliate commissions on various tools and resources.


Step 1: Become A Featured Professional

The biggest advantage you can have on the MLM Gateway platform, is being a featured professional.

Upgrading your account brings several advantages that include:

  • Getting 60 credits a month
  • Getting more credits on activities 
  • Better offers from time to time on credit purchases
  • Being featured on the featured professional page/random appearances on every page

These are basic benefits of being a professional member. If you are able to be one, then do so by all means. It will really increase your results and speed up the process you are trying accomplish. 

NOTE: Learn more on why you need to become a featured professional using the link above

Step 2: Building Connections

The true power of MLM Gateway is in the connections you build here. So it is wise when you are new to be only focused on building connection.

If you focus on getting at least 50 up to 100 connections before using credits to do any other activities, you will find that the activities you begin doing will get better results.

The most powerful part of having connections on MLM Gateway, is all of your connections get an email in their inbox when you message them or write a new business announcement. 

Perhaps that will shed some light on why you should focus on growing connections on a daily basis.

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Step 3: Business Announcements

If you are not writing business announcements, you are missing out on a lot.

First, business announcements will get you at least 5 credits if you are a free member, and 10 for a featured professional.

Second, if the business announcement is written in the correct format, will bring you several leads and signups.

Writing new content on this platform will prove very useful if you do it on a consistent basis.

When your announcements do well, bump them. When they don't, leave them.

NOTE: Get full details and tips to help you increase leads and signups using business announcements by visiting my official blog post on this MLM Gateway review

Step 4: Run Ads

The most powerful part of using MLM Gateway, is their advertising platform.

You have only targeted audience members on this platform, so your ads are being seen by the right people.

You MUST use a landing page/capture page to get results with any type of online ad, and MLM Gateway is no different.

Do not run ads if you do not have a landing page, or you will not be able to follow up with those interested in what you offer.

This is the most important factor when running ads to know. And of course, keep them running as much as possible!

NOTE:Get more information on running successful ads by visiting the link above and viewing my official blog post

Step 5: Messaging

Being able to speak to people directly online is a powerful thing.

When you message someone at MLM Gateway, they get an email in their inbox about it.

This makes getting replies and getting your messages read much more likely then with many other platforms.

If you do not pitch your business, and try to have a real conversation with those who you message, you will see many people ask about what you are doing.

The worst thing to do is to pitch and send links without the connection asking for it.

NOTE: You can get several tips to increase results through messaging on my official blog post in the link above

Step 6: Building Your Profile

Where do most people go when they want to see what you are doing? Your profile of course.

Having a profile setup accordingly will help get you more followers on other social accounts, more views on your videos, more clicks on your wall posts, and more everything.

Setting up a good profile is key to turning the traffic here on MLM Gateway into actual business partners and customers.

NOTE: Visit the official blog post to get full details on what all can be done to increase results through your profile on MLM Gateway.

Tips For Increasing Results On MLM Gateway

There are several tips I can share with you to get more out of using MLM Gateway.

On my official blog and website, I include several tips to help with the following:

  • How to get more connections without credits
  • How to increase sales on ads through a simple trick
  • How to increase your referrals on MLM Gateway
  • How to increase traffic to your business announcements
  • How to make your work go much further
  • The #1 way to get all avenues of MLM Gateway working much better for you

If you want to know the tips and get more information on this MLM Gateway review, all of this can be found on my official website and blog.

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Did This Help?

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Also, send over a connection request so we can connect and continue sharing value with one another.

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This article was published on 05.10.2018 by Jaye Carden
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