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Pound came close to $ 1.28 last night. The capital market in Germany is currently more than 2.1% below that of Spain and 2.2% below yesterday's closing quotes.

Panel apropoiate enough risk that is worth taking into consideration varied:

Italian banks need capital, and it is unclear whether the government can help in other states without wrath, given the current rules

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi's the opinion of former ECB official, now president of CA at SocGen, Italy could be the spark that ignites a new crisis in the banking sector systemic

Deutsche Bank shares fell by more than 5% today

continued depreciation of the yuan, giving clues about the tendency of capital to leave China PBOC and the desire to ease the pressure on reserves

FBI director spoke yesterday about the presence of classified information mails Hillary Clinton using unsecured servers, although recommended to avoid impeachment

three funds offering access to the property market, especially the segment for commercial properties in the UK have been suspended, withdrawals being stopped

The strong link between sterling and German stock market might weaken in the coming period: the risks to developed stock markets are even more numerous and diverse than those surrounding the cable.

The uncertainty caused by the referendum in the UK and performance affect oil prices also responsible for the slowdown in industrial production in the United States.

Regarding the situation in Nigeria, the Niger Delta militants have claimed more attacks on oil infrastructure in Nigeria this morning, and in Libya, the state company National Oil Corporation agreed merger with its rival in eastern Libya.

Gold and silver continue to assess and respond to the need of investors to secure investments.

European capital market is affected by the situation in Italy where the problem of bad loans has gained the attention of all. Thus, 17% of bank loans are classified as nonperforming loans, a figure that inspires panic since the Depression in the United States this parameter up just 5%. In addition, this situation is likely to stir political instability and in view of the October referendum on the status of reforms that could jeopardize his position Matteo Renzi.

DE30 was weakened sharply yesterday following the decision came from three investment funds in the UK who have suspended activity in British real estate sector as a result of greater demand for withdrawal of money from investors.

US indices yesterday marked negative episodes and retested the lows of last week given the growing demand for bonds.

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This article was published on 07.07.2016 by Florina Alazaroaei
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