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The network marketing business I am in is as follows.

You receive 20% cashback via redemption for your shopping, fuel, clothes, restaurants, travel and holidays plus more.

How it works is you shop for the normal things you would buy every day or week, at the places you already shop at, using the credit or debit card already in your wallet.

For eg: Let's say you go shopping once a week. If you spend $200USD on groceries, $60USD on fuel, and $40USD on a nice lunch afterwards, that makes a total of $300USD. As a member you receive 20% or $60USD cashback via redemption which over 4 weeks equals $240USD or a year equates to $3120USD.

Every 30 days you can redeem either $125USD or $250USD from your ewallet to your nominated bank account or credit card.

Now, to be a member it will cost $125USD per 28 days, which when calculated out over a year is $1625USD.

Subtract $1625USD from $3120USD and you have $1495USD saving over the year.

But you may be thinking why spend $1625USD to save $1495USD.

This is where the network marketing comes in. If you introduce 3 people to the system you will be paid a residual income of $5USD into your ewallet every day. Which over 365 days equals $1825USD.

This $1825USD more than compensates for your membership fee of $1625USD.

So your overall savings now becomes $3320USD per year.

Taking it further, if the 3 people you introduce, introduce 3 each, now making 12 in your team. The original 3 you introduced are now making $5USD per day and you're now making $20USD per day or $7300USD per year on top of your savings of $3120. So add them together and you get $10420USD per year.

Simply for shopping where you normally shop, buying what you normally buy, using the card you would normally use.

The levels keep going up, this is just the start.

Level 3, 39 people in your team you earn $30USD per day.

Level 4, 80 people in your team you earn $50USD per day.

Level 5, 150 people in your team you earn $100USD per day. Plus more.

Naturally all these people are not introduced by you personally, although some may be. Some of them you won't even know because they are introduced by other people but they count towards the numbers in your team.

The name of the company is Saivian. It launched in the US in November 2015 and has been in Australia since May.

There are members in New Zealand (about 4000 members), South Africa (over 10,000 members), and it has launched in the UK as well.

Go to my website have a look at the 3 minute video and I look forward to hearing from you and hope you would like to come on board with me.

This article was published on 03.08.2016 by Stuart Smith
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