Getconnected Telecommunications: How it works!

Due to recent trends in technology, better ways of doing things keep evolving day in day out. For instance,in times past,  it was very tedious to prepare pounded yam(A local recipe in Nigeria). These days, it is not so. Any body can choose to prepare pounded yam without stress and in minutes with the yam pounding machine. Those that cannot afford the yam printing machine can buy the yam flour and prepare without pounding any yam. Likewise, these days, mothers don't waste their time washing clothes. With a washing machine, the task is done! 

Their are so many technological innovations these days and the good thing about all these innovations is that they make life a lot easier. One of such technological innovations is the Getconnected Telecommunications. The sole aim of this enterprise is to provide a one stop solution to your Telecom needs by providing you with products and services that are unique. Are you a research student that needs data for downloading information or tutorials, we have affordable data for you. Our new year promo on MTN data is still on. You can get your MTN 1GB data for 540 naira only!  Are you a business man that needs a lot of airtime to connect with clients, Getconnected Telecommunications has the answer. They reward you each time you buy their airtime with discounts of 3% and above depending on your network. Are you planning to go into recharge card printing for wholesales and retail? The good news here is that you can print your recharge cards directly from our website. Do you own a  Business Centre where you send a lot of bulk SMS?  You may wish to try Getconnected Telecommunications' website for your bulk SMS. 

That is not all. You don't need to leave your comfort zone if your problem is to subscribe to your DSTV, Startimes or Gotv. You can subscribe for your decoder by using the Getconnected Telecommunications website. 


 You first register free with the attached link:

The next step is to login.

To fund your e-wallet, click on deposit. Payment options will pop up. Choose the one convenient for you. Follow the instructions and then click send to fund your wallet. 

To buy data, go to buy data. Put the number you are sending data to and the type of data you are subscribing to. Is it 500mb,1GB,2GB or what?  Just indicate. The price will pop up, click send. The website will send the data to the designation instantly. 

To print recharge cards for wholesale or retail, scroll down to " start your own recharge card printing business ".Click on the link. The link will take you to the e-pin generator. Click on the network you want to print out. After that, click on value and then go back to network again. Click on the same network and go back to value. The value option will pop up. Pick the value you want to buy and then go to quantify and insert  the quantity you want to buy. The next step is to click on generate to generate your recharge pins. Finally, click on print and connect your mobile device or computer to a printer to print out your recharge vouchers! 

To subscribe to Cable TV, go to Bill payment. Click on the cable you wish to subscribe to. Click on the bouquet you are subscribing to and put your IUC or smartcard number. Click on verify to verify if the number is correct then send. Our cable TV subion in most cases are instant. Just incase you encounter network issues, get back to us via email :

To buy airtime, click on buy airtime. Insert the number you are sending your airtime to. The next thing is to insert the airtime value and send. You will discover that your phone will be credited within airtime within a few minutes. 

To send bulk SMS, click on send bulk SMS. Type in name of sender. Scroll down and insert the number

This article was published on 17.01.2019 by Grace Akpan
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Getconnected Telecommunications - Instant airtime!, Free to join

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