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The 100 free Solo Ad clicks challenge. Accepted!

The 100 free Solo Ad clicks challenge. Accepted!

Let's face it.

We are facing a faceless enemy that has almost wiped out our MLM travel industry. Even my colleagues in the product based MLMs and Network marketing told me they are filling the pinch. While the traveling industry is opening up, the process is painfully slow.

No need to dwell on the negative...

l decided enough is enough. It's time to search for other opportunities, at least for now. That is how my Team leader sent me a private link to join the coveted traffic generation private Facebook group owned by Crowe.

Once inside the group, you automatically qualify to take part in the ''The 100 Free Solo Ads Clicks Challenge''.

Let's cut the chase.

Who is Crowe?

Crowe is a guy who has mastered the art of generating fresh leads every day like clockwork. He can deliver more than 10 000 clicks of real-life visitors to any offer in any niche.

For starters, he is a Solo Ad vendor. You pay him between $70 - $100. He sends emails with a link to your offer to his niche specific subscribers. Link tracking software counts clicks to your offer page. Once the CLICKS reach 100, he switches the tap off.

Simple and straight forward.

So what is the 100 Free Solo Ad Clicks Challenge all about?

Due to the challenges that l mentioned above, Crowe has offered ONLY to his Traffic Facebook Group members 100 Free Solo Ad clicks for FREE! Above, all he wants to show anyone who takes the challenge that the 'new' system he is testing works! He wants to demonstrate that you can make your first $ in less than 7 days if you are prepared to put in the WORK.

That is where the CATCH is? If he proves to you that his traffic converts into sales. You purchase more clicks from Crowe. You both make money. Alternatively, as the FB group becomes popular. He closes the group. Introduces paid membership.


If you make some money with the system and you don't want to re-invest in your business, no problem... You can withdraw ALL your money after 14 days. That's it. Enjoy your profit.

l used PayPal to withdraw the $236 that l earned. You can have a direct deposit if you are in the USA. Otherwise, other platforms can be used upon request.

Let me explain how it works before l disclose the LOOPHOLE and how you can use my UNDERGROUND link to get inside the group. ANYONE with a Facebook account can join the group. That's how free it can get. Once, you are inside you automatically qualify to receive the 100 Free Solo Ad clicks. NO account details required.

How it works.

Once you are inside the group, you can post a short introduction if you want to. Otherwise, go straight to the group's 'UNIT' section. You will find 12 FREE training videos that Crowe has prepared. He will walk you through the process of how to set up your system. How to request for the 100 free clicks once you are ready.
Inside the training, he shares with you ideas, techniques, tactics, strategies, secrets, and shortcuts on how to drive traffic to your offers for free. He will provide the tools required to build the squeeze page, the emails to copy-paste - send to your list. (Auto-responder is provided by a third party 30days free). Crowe will show you the high converting offers that you can promote to your list.

NOTHING is left to guesswork! You take ALL the earnings.

Are you ready for ''100 Free Solo Ad Challenge? Click the UNDERGROUND link above and get started for FREE!

If you have any questions, the commentary box below is all yours.

This article was published on 15.06.2020 by Upenyu Chaurura
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100 Free Clicks System - Free Traffic, Free to join

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