Create Time Freedom, Location Freedom and Financial Freedom

Read the title again.

Each of the three elements on their own to some people could mean success. To the majority, financial freedom is the hallmark of success. But many of those who are wealthy would say that their success came with a cost - not enough free time, stressful, demanding job, no meaningful relationships, etc. Then there are those who have fulfilling jobs, but don't have enough money and time to enjoy their life in full. And what about those who don't enjoy their job and only work because they have to make money to support themselves and their family. To each of those groups and each of us individually success means a different thing. 

I personally believed that success is to just be comfortable in life. I didn't care much about wealth. Money, I thought, was the root of all evil, and being rich equated to being greedy or a crook. This is what I heard in my environment when I was growing up and I believed it. Moreover, my dad's job kept him away from us for many months at a time. He would come home for about eight weeks and then leave for work for nine or ten months. So I grew up believing that there is a great cost to making money. That you have to trade your time and your family life for it. No, I didn't have a good view of money. This translated in my adult life to just wanting to get a job so I can make the necessary wage, enough to support myself and later my family. If I had any larger expenses, I would borrow the money, then work to pay it back. As years passed and my children were getting bigger, my perspective on life, what I want for my family and myself, slowly evolved. My children are young individuals who each have their own dreams, likes and goals. Listening to them talking about the future inspired me to think about it too. For so long I didn't allow myself to dream, believing that those wealthy lifestyles are for other people, not for me. However recently, looking at my children made me remember that I always wanted to travel around the world, visit beautiful places, make friends in different parts of the world, feel free from stationary monotonous job I had for years. I remembered how good it felt when twenty years ago I was in a band and we made music, played gigs, had fun traveling the country. So I started to think about what I want my life to be like in the future. I said to myself: "now is the time to make some changes". The kids are growing fast and I want our life to be better, built with memorable moments. I came up with my own definition of success. To support our goals I would need more free time, a job or a business that I could do remotely and that would allow me to make more money. There were other things I came up with that I would like from my job, but these three things were the crucial ones. So I started looking for another job. After a while I came across an ad that resonated with me. It was a business opportunity - an online business I could run from anywhere. Not only that, but also I could choose my working hours and the potential for growth and income was unlimited. It all sounded good, a little too good to be true. But I answered the ad and shortly after I had a chat over the phone with a very pleasant professional lady. Later I researched the company and arranged a call with one of the leaders in the company to get more information. I watched their business presentation twice. Then I slept on it, and slept on it again and the next day I decided I want to join the company and start my business with them. I saw a huge potential in this business, so I did everything I could to come up with the funds for the initial investment. Once I did, I was able to start my training and start setting up my business straight away. So now, being on the inside, I can share with you what the benefits are:

  • Time Freedom - you can start part-time and build your business up at your own pace (I run my business around my two homeschoolers)
  • Location Freedom - this is a 100% online business, which means you can run it from anywhere, as long as you have internet access; all you need is your laptop and phone
  • Financial Freedom - the company offers an outstanding compensation plan; you can make up to $5000 upfront profit per sale!
  • Unlimited growth potential - there are no limits to how much you want to grow your business and no re-qualifications
  • No stocking products - as I said earlier, this is a 100% online business
  • No cold calling, no pressure selling and no hassling your friends and family
  • Full ongoing training is provided, as well as guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and some of the best leaders in the industry, so no special skills are needed (some of the associate distributors are in their 20's and some are in their 60's, it's a fantastic supportive community)
  • Speaking of industry, the company is in the Personal Development and Success Education Industry - a very positive and upbeat market to be a part of
  • Proven business system - a company with over a decade in business and growing

Looking at the above points, how big of an impact could this business make on your life? Can you picture what your life would look like if you were an owner of a lucrative online business? If yes, if you are serious about making significant improvements in your life and you believe having your own business is the right vehicle to get you there, visit my website and request detailed information:

I'll look forward to connecting with you!

Joanna @ Shape Your Own Life

This article was published on 14.05.2021 by Joanna Gore
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Shape Your Own Life - Personal Development, 2450 USD to join

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