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HY Guys. How Are You're Businsss Doing? Are You Converting to Sale ALREADY? Or Are You STRUGGLE? here Is Your Solutions. How people Making 6  - 7 FIGURE ONLINE!  
Okey let get it started with it's Call 

This is What My Mentor Teach Me! i Learn From Him Alot! a Succesfull Marketer that made 6 - 7 Figure In The PAST few years.  And Hope This Will Be VALUE TO YOU.   

1:) Traffic 
They are Alot Bunch Of Traffic Out There! So You Could Pick Which One That You Want! They are 2 TYPES OF TRAFFIC   
(A) Free Traffic
If Your Low on Money you could use Free Traffic But It's Will Take Time That For Sure. It's Not COST/ You Dont Have To PURCHASE Nothing. All you got to Do is Invest You're Time.  It going To take Times that Fo Sure! BUT THE RESULT IS DOUBLE THEN YOUR OWN EFFORT! 

(B) Paid Traffic
I will Recommend You To use Paid traffic Because it's INSTAN RESULT. They Are alot of HIGH TRAFFIC out There You Could Survey FOR Yourself/Make Your own RESERCH & Use It's & Make It's Strategy. USE Tons of Traffic. So It Better To See What's Is The Most EFFECTIVE ONE. When BUYING TRAFFIC. Make You're Own Analys. So you could see which is Working & Which is isnt. And Focus on What effective. Coz To Grow Our Foundations. We NEED Resource,Analys,Result. Take That as a Noted.

2:) Funnel
why Funnel? This i a fact maybe Some of you know and some of you doesn't Knew it Yet. Coz All of  Living in this funnel Either We know it or not!
 etc:- offline Funnel is like a Shop/Store. that Has Been Arange Beautifull. and Smell So GOOD. And THAT HAS BEEN set everythings up. They are front of the shop we arange our product With a Low price Discount so that it could attract our customer to get them in our store & at the back Of the store they even bunch of product/High Price product that we advertise. That We Target to Make them swipe they credit card away. So the point is its simillary to online marketing. the different is the store is in your own phone/laptop. and we can auto-pilot it. So even we are own vacation or while your sleeping you Still earning profIt. Thats is levarage my friends. Thats iS the life Style that everyone want. 
So that All for today. Im going to tell you the 3 essentials element in my next arcticle so hope this will give you value! 
This article was published on 14.09.2016 by Mohammad Azri
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