How to make money with your FaceBook account?


there is a site that just opened (- 2 months)

and which is still in pre-launch, which

will very soon propose you to use

FaceBook, for you

to make money.

This site has set up a software 

sharing which was accepted by FaceBook,

(Which is not nothing)

which will allow many things

which do not yet exist on the net.

The process is very simple: 

- On the one hand there will advertisers 

(Those who make the pub)

- On the other side diffusers. 

And that's where you come in. 

Advertisers will file 

ads (ads), and you will have the opportunity

take these ads and the

post on your FaceBook page.

As soon as the announcement will be remained at 

least 48 hours on your page, you will be paid.

It's completely revolutionary 

and unique at the same time.

And this can be done in free mode ...

By cons, taking a small subscription

$ 9.95 / month, you will also

opportunity to earn more money.

But this time, it will be much

more money....

The advantage now is to place

very simple, when you take your

subscription of $ 9.95, you take

a place in the forced matrix 2 X 14.

Since the software is not yet

up, you then have the chance

to see happen in your genealogy

people who will use the software

sharing and thus will win

enough to pay the subscription.

Such people therefore come to the

Following in the matrix and gradually

will fill your matrix.

This is for those who do not sponsor ...

PennyPays THE ONE Program for Everyone

For those who sponsor, everyone

you will enter the matrix

with your referral link (that live)

well hey, every direct referrals you

will, you will gain exactly

the same as them.

You have two godchildren who earn $ 500 each,

well hey you earn $ 1,000 in addition to your

own gains.

So now, this site has been online since

nearly two months, it works, it remains

that sharing software to implement

and it is expected very soon, according

the ads we received.

The hard fact is, is that FaceBook

accepted the software and allows us therefore

to access all information from its website.

This applies of course advertisers

which can target a geographic area,

a category of person (man or woman)

an age etc ..... thanks to

information from FaceBook, hehehe!

It really is huge what will happen!

I must above all specify that the company 

exists since 2008 and that the admin has already

3 websites to its credit, including two still work,

and one that pays for more than a year and a half

each month carefree and the other is this one,

I just talk to you.

So do not wait and stand now:

Good luck to you.


This article was published on 31.10.2016 by Farid Bensalem
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