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This'll be quick as I'm busy creating the free pre-launch videos of the WACORE5, we are getting ready to ROCK 2019 with our best clients and I truly hope you get the chance to join the family...

This is a powerful e-mail if you read it and get this, each day I send out an email 6-7 days a week.

Subscribers/clients like yourself have been getting these e-mails longer than 5+ years, obviously something is working.

NEXT 3 days I release 3 new training videos - as part of the OFFICIAL WACORE5; Launch.

The most IMPORTANT asset in your entire business is the relationship you build with your subscribers and clients.

Everyday this needs to be your focus. Getting more leads, cultivating them and offering them ways to work with you, REGARDLESS

of what you are selling...

How Do You Get 5,300-14,298 People Just Like You Opening Your E-Mails...

Firstly - Your income is upto how many people actually open, read, and buy from your e-mails. This stuff is not rocket science it's 2019, if you want to get more traffic and leads - schedule a call to see how you can use our agency to get you done for you traffic to your business..

3 components to getting more people opening your e-mails.

1) Consistency - are you consistent in your marketing?

People start something and then they don't complete, follow through or actually do the work that's required. I see it all the time.

Client 1: Buys $5K or $50K program, he's lack of a positive attitude, victimisation, lazy doesn't want to actually do anything. 12 months later - no results.

Client 2: Buys same thing, except it's 12-24 months now and she's banking $100,000+ per month. I have ENDLESS CASE STUDIES and stories like this all the time I hear from clients. (Creating a page soon to list them, it's taking too long so I'll just publish 20 or so to get things started!)

Consistent behaviour gets rewarded greatly. Making videos. Sending emails. Hosting webinars. Doing live events. 52 year old young man,property developer, sold one of his business for multiple 7 figures, then lost it all, just registered for my 1 day business breakthrough intensive.

Why? Consistency. My consistent e-mails for 3+ years got him buying now. He's life will change after this 1 day with me. I know.

2) Trust FACTOR - trust is not an overnight thing, yesterday I spoke to a Pastor from Dallas who's joining my Inner Circle Mastermind for 12 months expressed to me he wants to make money 'Annonymously' until he gets results then he can start branding himself, that's OK too. I can help you...

Help yourself first.

Here's the thing - he's been following me for 3+ years, he said he LOVES speaking about me to his wife and he's a fan for years, has been following me for all these years, getting my e-mails. Smart people, wealthy people are attracted to TRUSTWORTHY individuals.

How can you create more trust in your business, your life, your income? Your marketing, your copy, your work must educate the prospect, see what I'm doing here by sending you this e-mail?

3) TIME MATURITY - All good things take time, recently there's been PROBLEMS in our industry, the last 12 months 2 companies got shut down close to 300,000+ people lost their business. I too got stuck in there and lost alot of money. This is why WealthAcademy - WACORE5 will change the game forever...

How about this, I teach you to build the skills that you need, give you certifications so you can stand out in the industry, create all the tech work for you (funnels. websites etc) and best thing - you can even earn $1,000-$10,000 commissions WITHOUT FORCEFULLY BUYING the products so you can just promote?

Get your attention?

It's coming.

It's the ONLY company in the marketplace that will be doing this.

Next few days I'll e-mail you with 3 free videos - execute anything from those videos and you'll see a dramatic, radical shift in your results for 2019.

For now - review this and let me know if you can make it to London for the 1 day Business Breakthrough Intensive. I plan to do this for 25 business owners.

Listen - your politicians, your country, your govt, your school/college/university ain't going to be supporting you. The economy is already weird and in 2019...

....we are LONG OVERDUE for a recession - what that means, is demand for experts/guru's/thought leaders/authority markets WILL BE GOING through the roof....

If you aren't in now - when will you get in?

If it's not you, then WHO?

Now is the time - we are already 16 days into January 2019.

Have you got sales coming?

Have you got leads coming? Have you got traffic coming?

Do you have a plan of action for the next 12 months?

Whether your budget is $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000 we have 50+ products/services. One size doesn't fit all. Everyone is different, maybe we can help.

Maybe we can. Maybe we can't. We'll recommend where to go for what you need.

Worth a try?

Schedule a phone call to discuss your needs, and your goals and let's put a system in together. For January I am making the rare exception that if you qualify after you speak to my Enrollment Manager, then we can speak if it makes sense - Only for January 2019.

Once I launch WealthAcademy WACORE5, I'm out from all 1:1 things.

More so in the short term I want to help people like you, your family, your grandkids come up with a brighter future and not get scammed by the school system....because getting into $150K debt 21 years old from a university degree - explain to me - what that is? SCAM.

To all educated folks, I respect you and what you go through, my family everyone is educated higly, graduated well - except me. I chose entrepreneurship.

Self education.

My next 25 years is going to be focused on changing how education is taught in the world.


You can watch me. Join me. I don't care. You can believe in me or not.

That's ok.

I'll do it. 


This article was published on 11.02.2019 by Taofiq Raheem
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