We see and hear about great opportunities each and every day, and there

are opportunities being made available in all faucets of life. Opportunities

to make money, to achieve a goal, to get the perfect soulmate, to get that

special car you have always wanted. To get that dream job that you have worked

so hard for. To achieve higher levels in life that seemed completely out of

reach. But because certain elements have re-aligned themselves we now have the

opportunity to excel.

Yet, have you ever taken the time to really look and understand what the word

"Opportunity" truly means?


I have pulled together various meanings of the word opportunity and framed a

workable definition that I understand. And since I am not a rocket scientist or

Rhode Scholar, I believe my definition is one that you will understand also. You

see for me to obtain the meaning to anything I don't mind telling you it has to

be defined in it's simplest form.

An opportunity is when certain things, situations, or conditions come together in

a way that makes it possible for me to achieve something that I want to do.

It could be attaining a simple goal that I couldn’t attain earlier.

It could be a position I previously wanted but could not have because I lacked

the credentials or knowledge to have the position. And then something occurs that

makes attaining the position possible because the requirements have changed.

It can be my desire to make extra money but because I lack the knowledge and

experience to achieve the extra money, it causes this goal to be out of my reach.

And then something occurs that not only makes the goal of extra cash possible. But

because situations, knowledge, and experience has been changed, my opportunity

to achieve the extra cash changes also.

And there have been many times when I was not looking for anything in particular,

and favorable conditions present themselves before me. I must look how the conditions

have presented themselves and decide if the opportunity is right for me based on my

own personal experiences, attitudes, understandings, and habits, to see if I should

take the step towards this new opportunity and grab it.

Believe it or not, it is said that real opportunities only come once in a lifetime.

But for me, I see and experience many opportunities daily. And it is not how many

come my way, it is do I have the insight to recognize the opportunities that are

right for me. This is where I struggled in the past.

I was seeing and accepting real opportunities and many of the ones that I accepted

were good but not good for me. Do you understand what I am saying? Many times I took

opportunities that I wanted to declare were scams, and some were. But what I found out

was a hard pill for me to swallow. I realized that it was not the fault of the opportunity,

I was my fault because I know me and I know exactly whether or not I am willing to

do all the work necessary to make the opportunity a success or a failure. And I

have spent a small fortune fooling myself into grabbing opportunities that I knew I was

not capable of doing because of my lack of experience.

There is a bottom line that we must follow if we ever plan to be successful online or

Off-line. Either we are going to commit and learn to do the work

necessary to achieve success or we are going to have to find opportunities that handle

and provide all the extra things needed to be successful.

If we are unwilling to do all the extra stuff, then, when we are exposed to opportunities

we must wisely choose the one's we know we can do.

If we are unwilling to learn how to write emails, copy and paste, or earn free credits

to help in our advertising, and unwilling to accept the learning curve necessary to

do certain opportunities, then we must find the opportunities that handle these things

for us.

Then once we lose our pride and be truthful with ourselves, we will find the

opportunities that will help us make the extra income we desire to make. And this

is one of the many keys to becoming an online success. The truth does make us free

if we are willing to accept the truth and move forward.

And as an example of an opportunity that does everything for you, the telling, the

selling, and all you have to do is invite people to visit your website, no emails to

write, and no talking to people unless you want to do so. I would like to invite you

to take a look at a real done for you program.

Just click the link below where is says, "CLICK HERE", and have a look for yourself.

This is an opportunity where all the hard conditions have been done for you.

And whether you join me here or not, you will see exactly what I am talking about in

relations to Opportunities. 


Michael Harris




This article was published on 25.11.2019 by Michael Harris
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