How To Increase Your MLM Gateway Referrals Using Other Social Media Platforms


If you have noticed yet, getting referral on MLM Gateway can be useful in many ways.

For one, you get credits to use for connecting with other members, and running ads or other activities.

There is also a nice affiliate program attached to MLM Gateway for those who you refer that purchase credits.

And of course, the people you refer can be connected with, and there is no credit needed to do so. 

So there is many advantages to referring others to MLM Gateway both direct and indirectly to your business.

In this business announcement, I will share with you how to use other platforms on social media, to increase your referrals to the MLM Gateway platform.


Facebook is the biggest of them all.

But, what you do on Facebook, or any of these platforms, will be close to the same idea.

So what you do when on Facebook to increase your referrals, is target network marketers and other MLM business owners to connect with.

If you have a Facebook Business Page, you can really do more for your business, and this includes MLM Gateway referrals.

Here is a couple activities to do on Facebook, to pull in referrals:

  • Share your business announcements on your page and profile
  • Make occasional posts about the advantages of MLM Gateway
  • Message people who are in MLM, and let them know about it
  • Get into groups for MLM business owners, share a business announcement there

Just be sure to connect on Facebook with more people in MLM, and you will get referrals from the activities above.


Twitter can be more automated, so it can be less time consuming.

Always look for people in the MLM industry to follow, and build a following of people who are targeted for MLM Gateway.

Then, the basic activities below will pull in referrals:

  • Tweet about MLM Gateway and it's benefits to MLM business owners
  • Share your business announcements in a tweet
  • Use automated direct messaging for MLM Gateway (when a new follower comes in, they instantly get any message you want)
  • Make tweets with hashtags that are targeted to specific companies. You can mention a specific company in a tweet, and put hashtags in it for that company. Then people from there, will be more likely to see it and come to MLM Gateway


Linkedin is the most professional based platform, for all professions.

It is not just a good place to get new reps for your business, but get referrals to MLM Gateway as well.

Linkedin offers several tools to grow your business, and if you use those tools to increase MLM Gateway referrals, you get the best of both worlds.

Here is a few ideas to get you more referrals from using Linkedin:

  • Normal posting of this platform
  • Sharing business announcements on Linkedin's wall
  • Writing articles on Linkedin can be super powerful, so share MLM Gateway in all your articles, even if it is just a P.S line at the bottom.
  • Messaging other MLM business owners when connecting with them
  • Join groups focused on MLM, and share an article you wrote about MLM Gateway there

Linkedin is a professional platform, so don't be surprised to see more affiliates from there purchase credits the most often.

Pinterest And Bookmarking

Another big type of platform, and a kind of social one, is Pinterest and other sites like it.

I am not the person who dives into these platforms much, but I do use them all the time.

I do not get social on them, however Pinterest now offers messaging so you can get social if you wish.

But these sites are basic to understand, and add another tool to your growing business.

Create pins for business announcements, or pins for MLM Gateway in general.

Post new pins up for this platform and as you build your connections on Pinterest and other bookmarking sites, you will see more people becoming referrals to MLM Gateway.

The Overall Concept

As you see, the basic idea of one social platform, is the same on all others.

Each platform is different, so using as many as possible is key.

Followings on each platform are important as well. 

You should always look to increase followings on these platforms to get more value from them.

There are several platforms I did not mention you can use such as:

  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • IBOToolbox
  • Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, other video platforms
  • Mix (Stumbleupon)
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Reddit

Always keep the same formula, build more connections and share more content on MLM Gateway.

Just doing these simple habits each day, will increase your credits on this platform, extra commissions here, and help to even get new reps in your primary MLM business.

Did This Help?

If you got some value, or a new idea, from reading this - please leave a comment below!

I value your feedback and would love to know if you have another platform you think is great for getting more MLM Gateway referrals.

Also, be sure to send me over a connection request! 

I accept all connection requests!


Want to use social media to build a MLM business? Use those same ideas above for getting referrals, and put them into an automated system that will build a huge downline that pays residual income. Take the free tour now and you will not regret it.

This article was published on 04.09.2018 by Jaye Carden
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